Who likes cooking?


Cooking is a really great interest of mine…well I grew up in a restaurant, my parents owned hot food bars, and a restaurant so it follows that I learnt how to cook from watching everyone around me.

I live in N.ireland (UK) but am Chinese so, I enjoy cooking a variety of Chinese dishes, and English/Irish dishes too!

I can smell the Irish stew cooking away as I type!! Anyone on here ever tried it?!! Good for a cold winters night!!


I’ve made an Irish stew. It was really good. My husband loved it. I might make it again soon.


I really like cooking.


I tried to cook cheese quesos in olive oil instead of butter the other day…its not that good… its like flavorless crackers with some bland cheese… the butter is better tasting…


I can’t cook at all. I fry things in a pan but that’s about it.


I used to like baking but lately i just cant bring myself to do it i miss it.


I like cooking. For one reason I do it to survive. For another it can be a social experience as I cook for friends whom I have over. I cook from simple recipes when I want to make something special.
I usually go to allrecipes.com .
I think my favorite right now is chili con carne.


Hey @jenny8022 i am starting to learn cooking skill from my mom…i prepared vegitable for todays lunch…!!!


I love cooking too. Love making Mediterranean style vegetarian dishes and experimenting with new healthy foods like quinoa, polenta and kale. Love my veggies! :laughing:


I enjoy cooking mostly Southern food. It’s good but not really healthy.

I make my wife a pan of Lasagna about every two weeks. She nibbles on it for four or five days.

I love a chicken fried pork chop.


I hate cooking. I like eating.


My brother is a great cook


I love cooking…most of the time I cook cajun food.


I like to cook but I’m not really a good cook or know many meals.

I make simple healthy meals but I enjoy it cause I know it’s good for me.

Lately I’m cooking casseroles to get my vegetables in me. It’s an effective way and cause the cold weather is making me crave them. But they are just simple casseroles. Chicken casserole or lamb casserole.


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