Who likes Chocolate?!

  • dark chocolate
  • milk chocolate
  • white chocolate
  • hazelnut chocolate
  • chocolate fondue
  • semi sweet chocolate
  • bittersweet chocolate
  • chocolate on a milkshake
  • only brownies

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Usually I never eat chocolate whatsoever - but just now had 2 cookies and made a latte too.


Hey here is a song with your name in it.

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I chose chérie but we can not use an accent I guess =(

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I get up two or three times a night and get a bite sized piece of chocolate. Then go right back to sleep.


I eat chocolate like once a month - my main temptation is alcohol.

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I am never in the mood to drink, use to before I got sick.

I picked up these Godiva strawberry cheesecake truffles and they were amazing. I also like 90% dark chocolate for when I’m in a low sugar mood.