Who knows you best.....?

Anyone here comments


my mum for sure…


Probably google since they most likely track and record everything I type on my gboard.


Well let me ask you. Who framed Roger Rabbit?

Therein lies the answer.



My mom knew me best or my son. But they’re both gone now. My pdoc maybe? But he’s gone now too. My nurses? They’re all gone. My ex gf? Gone too.

That leaves a few, paid, new people who don’t know me very well and who don’t care at all.

I know me the best

Me. Maybe others… :eyes::sweat_smile:

But my Higher Power knows me better than all of them and He’s all I care about today.

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My cat knows me best he’s great :+1: :blush: :relieved:


My madre and Jimmy. :sunglasses:

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I’d say my mom and my husband…

Or just myself. But I don’t know myself that well either😅


My higher power I guess.

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Possibly my dad because we were very alike. He died last April, so not sure after that. Maybe a friend or a previous partner.

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the skizophrenia forbidden one knows me best

My Mom understood me best but she’s gone.

No one really knows me now.

My friend Kerry knows me best now. The only living family I have now is my sister, her husband and two kids. I also have one uncle who’s still alive and three cousins. My sister lives 1000 miles away and doesn’t know me much anymore. Kerry who lives here knows me better now than my sister does.

@SkinnyMe , what happened that made you lose everyone in your life? I’m so sorry

Probably my friends from high school.

My fiancée probably.

Definitely NOT my “parents “.
I don’t think they are my real parents and they were unable to love me much if at all and sex partner was always waaaaaaay before me.

My real mum seems to know things I didn’t think she could know and she understands I suffered and was alone.
We have no contact in person but I believe she exists as she talks to me sometimes.

Maybe my x in sa as a person as such.
And his girls although two of them are dead it’s family.

I once thought Mohammed was my closest man but that was a long time ago I thought he was my father but it wasn’t deep or everlasting just a temporary feeling of feeling him and he said I was his best friend.

I don’t know.

I’m lonely this moment.
Longing for real genuine deal deeper n truer.