Who is your favorite and least favorite comedian

My favorite is definitely Dave Chapelle. My least favorite would have to be Jim Jeffries. I also liked Louis CK before we learned about him. Robin Williams was funny. So is Seinfeld. I think Katt Williams has his funny moments. An up and coming comedian i really enjoy is Aparna Nancherla. I really like her voice and she talks about depression well. Who are your favorites and least favorites? I could keep going on stand ups i like but the list would get long. Try not to base ur favorites and least favorites on other projects they’ve done just stand up

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Not involved with the scene but I like Dane cook even though just about every other person who has brought up his name around me has been about not liking him.
Words of advice, if you feel comfortable being in a setting with people, try out going to your local comedy club.
Spotify and pandora have many routines on hand.

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I am a fan of Dane Cook too, and I don’t understand where all the hate people have towards him is coming from.

I also like Dave Chapelle, Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran and that old guy whose name I can never remember.

My least favorite comedian must be the Danish comedian Dybvad. He got his own standup show, and the first few episodes were really great, but then all his jokes became references to previous jokes from earlier episodes, as if he couldn’t come up with anything new.

And for some reason, I don’t like any female comedians. Male comedians have that “I just rolled out of bed”-look and “I’m almost an arsehole and I don’t care” attitude, but the female comedians seem so dolled up. It’s like they’re trying too hard to be funny, and I can’t stand tryhards.

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John Cleese I love monty python. It’s before my time. But it doesn’t seem to age to me. The comedy is priceless


Dare I say it. I enjoy watching Daniel Tosh. It’s like watching a train smash because it’ just blatantly sexist, racist and a large number of other things but I love edgy humour. Yeah old Bristish stuff has some hold over me but the ultimate worse was Benny Hill. It was just that era of sexist rubbish and it wasn’t funny as far as I’m concerned.

Lot’s of others in between!


oswalt is brilliant, i love henry rollins spoken word. just bcoz im black doesn’t mean i have to love black comedians exclusively. i like robin williams, not much of a fan of russell brand though. he is a narcissist. used to like louis ck too, hes so obscene, i feel like hes talking my mind. not into many female stand ups, maybe im sexist.


My favorite standup is definitely Bill Burr. Next on the list would be Norm MacDonald (though I understand why some people don’t get him), followed by Dave Chappelle.

My least favorite is Lewis Black, all he does is yell needlessly, not funny. Oh, I also can’t stand the guy who goes by the nickname “Fluffy.” I want to say his name is Gabriel Iglesias, though that last name could be wrong. Big Mexican guy, almost as annoying as Lewis Black, just in a different way.

Edit: I forgot to mention Aziz Ansari, he’s hilarious.


My favorite is Markiplier and my least favorite is Charles Manson

Kathy griffin (controversial opinion) is one of my favorites, and the only one ive seen in person. i particularly like her older more general life material, her more recent stuff is almost exclusively about the media/celebrities. i also love margaret cho. i was a big louis ck fan before he went down in flames too.

i dislike any comedian that just says offensive ■■■■ and thinks its funny. theres dark humor and then theres just being an ■■■■■■■ for the sake of being an ■■■■■■■.


ari shaffir is brilliant, brilliant guy. i love his stand up so much,


Key and peele? Dimitri Martin? Both great shows in my opinion.

Eddie Izzard anyone ? :grinning:

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I like observational comedy, so comedians George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, Norm McDonald and Steven Wright.

My least favorite comedian is/was Andrew Dice Clay.


My favorite comedian is Jim Carrey…although he’s not really a stand up comedian…his movies are hilarious. I also love Stephen Wright, Richard Pryor, and Sam Kinison.

I love a bit of Frankie Boyle

Jim Carrey…one and only. :cupid:

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Don’t forget Adam Sandler.

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Nick Swardson’s “Don’t Stab Me” still gets me laughing.

Oh! Does anyone remember Wondershowzen? I used to watch this as a kid…

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Jerry Seinfeld is by far the worst.

Can’t even watch an episode of his show.

Also, all signs point to him being a creep and a (shit) human being.

Who I like the most?

I don’t even know, I like so many…

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my favorites are Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope, and Louis CK. My least favorite is definitely Kevin Hart. I tried to give him a chance, but he is painfully unfunny – and I don’t understand how he keeps getting a ton of movie roles. Oh well, he’s rich.