Who is playing starcraft2 here?

can you give me any tips how to spam buttons ? :smiley: or wants to play with me in future

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I used to play SC2 but I don’t anymore because it kept crashing on me every time I played. My advice is to learn the hotkeys and to learn good build orders. Also optimal army composition changes depending on what race you face. Of course you won’t know what to do unless you scout so scout often. Build counters to what the enemy is doing. Some of the counters are with raw APM(actions per minute. I think they use a different term but it has been a while since I played.). Like what you are supposed to do if you have marines and the enemy builds banelings. Anyway my 2 cents.

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my apm is 42 . I play with zergs… i just started playing recently it , just played about 10 games…

I used to love that game until my PC broke :frowning:


Mine would go from 30 to 120 at times. Usually it hung around the 30s or 40s. The marine counter in particular is very hard to do and I’ve only seen pro gamers able to do it properly. Some strategies with the zerg are to not fight the enemy. Particularly with lings and mutas you zoom past the enemy army or go around them. Then you just keep attacking their SCVs or probes. Then run away when the enemy army comes.

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