I played abpout 5 matches today

i am not good i dont know what to do…

this game is hard…i dont likeother games :frowning:

i see how pros play… i cannot play like them… i dont have enough energy to practice that much…i edont know how much i should pracctice

every race to play its difficult… i play now terran, i dont know how to layout my base

i say just do what you can, i have no idea about the game but all i can say is not to push yourself too hard, do ‘what you can; when you can’ i like this quote

Try to google strategies. Most games have nerds who write strategy guides

@crazy_dancer_arcade_pro . Could it be that performance anxiety is partially the reason you’re not doing that well with these games ?

I’ve seen no indicators from you that you’d be bad at such games .

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Maybe it’s true.

The key to learning rts games is learning build orders.

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no its not… its how to outplay your opponent like in all games

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You work for a living, so what’s important is that you’re happy. Just make sure you enjoy what you do in your leisure.

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If you don’t learn build orders, by that point you will be too far behind to win.

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I know build orders

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You should play aoe2, the counter unit system is way better.

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