Who here thinks med is the answer

do meds work for you, and what med is that

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Meds are for me (and most others with SZ) a very large piece of the recovery puzzle. I’m on Geodon and Effexor. Low does of both. I don’t like having to take meds, but it is well-established that I am much less functional without them. The side-effects are an acceptable trade-off. They allow me to work two jobs, run a business, volunteer in my community, and have a family and friends.



upcoming med might answer our iti 07.from intracelluer therapy along others…do a google research i am on zyperiya…


If I wasn’t on them I would have absolutely no sense of reality.
I’m on Invega (Xeplion) 75mg shots every month


Yeah, same here, would have no sense of reality. I’m on abilify.


Yeah they work OK for me. More than anything they improve stress tolerance and largely keeps a lid on hallucinations (My biggest issue)


I feel I need both… meds and therapy.

Meds Seroquel and Latuda have helped me get my life back. I do start to relapse without them.

But the therapy also helped me over come some anxiety, get coping tools back, manage my anger…


For some people medication is certainly the answer. For some people it’s not. It just depends. In my opinion, if you can’t function and/or are a danger to yourself or others, meds & therapy are probably the best option for you. (That combination drops relapse rates-aka psychosis bad enough to hospitalize you- in sz by a ton!!)

If you can function and aren’t a danger, even if you’re absolutely miserable, I would suggest just regular therapy and not getting into medication. But that’s just my own opinion, I’m not a doctor or professional! You just have to figure out what’s best for you.

Only to chill me out enough to be able to focus and LEARN something new. (Which is really vital, because the head I came to the hospital with in 1994, 1997, 1999, 2002 and 2003 was entirely full of shit. Now, at least, it’s got some actual facts in between its ears.)

I think meds are the answer. I haven’t got much out of therapy. I don’t think I’ve met a therapist that delved deep enough into CBT. Certainly, my current therapist doesn’t do it, which is why I’m considering dropping him. In my area, the care seems to be poor. I never heard of DBT until I visited this site a few months ago. Apparently, there are other therapies out there too.

Disagree on the living in absolute misery
I could choose that or an antidepressant

I tried antidepressants and they made me insanely jittery and messed up my heart rate. I think my thought processes are wrong, not my brain chemistry. Pills only work if your brain chemistry is off.

Like I said, everyone is different, do what’s best for you!

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