Who here isn't an addict to something?

Hmmmm something happened? I thought you said there were some cute girls…
It has to go away.
But yeah…depression sux.

I used to pride myself on supposedly not being addicted to stuff. But I recently got in trouble for taking supplements. I didn’t take too much of any one substance but I was taking 5 additional supplements to my prescription medicines. I also have big time trouble with food, and have had trouble with porn.

I mean I have that up and down switching all the time. I wake up really high and at the end of the day I’m like ■■■■, and vice versa. O.o

There’s this little black kid who’s like 18 years old who looks like he’s 15 who raises his hand to disagree with me every time I say something. And he’s always wrong, and I’m always right. It pisses me off. And he’s just a douche. He has something against me for no reason. I go to this community college in the city and everyone is either high on weed or…I don’t even know. It just sucks. I’m done with school for real.

I’m a recovering crack/cocaine addict with 25 years clean. I tried smoking in sixth grade but I stopped within a year. It’s been two days without caffeine and it feels great.

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Oh ■■■■ the kid.
You rule man. Dont make the ladies suffer :wink:

If you ignore him long enough he will lose interest. I can almost guarantee you that.

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I’m addicted to alcohol and caffeine. I take two 200 mg pills of caffeine a day. I’m thinking about quitting. I also love alcohol. It feels good when I’m drunk, but that day after I feel hung over and depressed. I hated my life last Saturday.

This comment is like the unifying thread that ties everything together with you lately. That is really obnoxious of him, but you should ignore him. Sounds like a tool. Don’t let him chase you out of class, no one’s worth it and particularly he isn’t.

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Lol… 15 characters

Ambien. I badly crave the relief from the constant voices.

I quit drinking and street drugs at 21. I quit smoking about 9 months ago… quit the gum about 5 months ago

I ■■■■■■■ hate people on acid.

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Benzo addiction is serious dude. It’s up there with your big 3.

I’m addicted to weed and coffee. But I’m working on it (really, I am).

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I dont know if I am an addict, but I am certainly dependent on Klonopin - I take a very low dose everyday and never abuse it.

That’s good. Didn’t mean to jump the gun or anything.

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Yeah I had a serious addiction to benzos. I couldn’t sleep or eat and my hands were shaking months after dropping that thing.
But I was abusing it definitely. I would take like 24 mg at once.

Addiction is only a theory not fact, no one is addicted to anything :hamburger:

I have an addition to coffee. I have 2 cups a day.

Good job stopping the addiction! I hope to do that too, eventually…

I am only addicted to @Sarad anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: