Who here is only on one medication?

I’m only on one medication.

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Me to ,mixing drugs just feels wrong to me even if a ‘professional’ says its ok.

Only one now. ('Quel kills two birds with one stone.)

yeah I’m only on abilify, but the max dose everyday.

:confused: I’m envious of you guys. I take several meds for my schizophrenia and another med I have no idea what it is at the moment and don’t know what it’s even for.

Yes I’m on only Abilify.

Me! me! in two weeks. I just hope I don’t have a relapse!

Just Abilify (400mg injection). Going to petition my psychiatrist to lower it to 300mg to see if I can be higher functioning. I just know it’s going to be a problem with him. He hates it when I request changes, made many thus far.

Just Xeplion (Invega), nothing else

Is it risky to be on multiple antipsychotics?

I was doing very well on Ablify, didn’t have any negative symptoms other than weight gain. Right now I’m on Latuda, it’s working well by far. Why do you take injections and not pills? Does it make a difference?

I hate taking pills everyday. They put me on a med monitoring program because I am not compliant with pill forms of medications.

Yes, there is a slight difference - less physical pain inside of the brain. Also, I can handle my cravings for pleasure - such as food or drink - much more easily. Plus, I get an inject once every four weeks as opposed to a daily pill, which I believe gives my body a fighting chance to win the battle over symptoms more naturally.

Very interesting. I will ask my doc about this. I’m happy to hear that you can control your cravings. I used to get restless and binge eat for no reason on this med. Good luck to you and good health :o)

i take zyprexa and seroxat i am taking them 15 years, and accept to take them for life