Who here has SZA- Bipolar type?

Hi peeps,

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Just trying to crowd-source some info about Schizoaffective- Bipolar type.

Was recently put on a mood stabilizer after what appears to be a mixed episode, and could possibly have the diagnosis as well.

Am kind of like “whoa” about the whole thing.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t (think) I have it, but I get into states reminiscent of mixed episodes sometimes.
They’re definitely scary


Welcome to the club!! We have appetizers at 3PM. Don’t miss it. :crazy_face:

I’m schizoaffective bipolar type! I’m currently in a mixed episode. Fun, fun. (Narrator: It was not fun.)


I have Schizoaffective bipolar type
It’s also been diagnosed as bipolar with psychotic features.
I am on mood stabilizers and an antipsychotic.
Can’t live without them.


SZA depressive here, so I can only speak to the depressive swings.

Mood stabilizer really helped my moods, keeps me from those massive swings, lamictal for me.

Sorry I can’t add more from personal experience. I’m glad you may find some relief.

Cheer tuna.


Oh, btw, I’m open to any questions you might have. :relaxed:


My current pdoc suggested I may have schizoaffective disorder and wanted to put me on a mood stabilizer but I didn’t want to be on more drugs so I refused. I’ve had several psychiatrists over the years and a few different diagnoses but the majority opinion has been paranoid schizophrenia so I just go with that, but to be honest I am not exactly sure what I have, there is no blood or DNA test or brain scan that can definitively say what I have, I’m just glad the meds work.

However, my new pdoc took me off olanzapine and put me on Lurasidone (Latuda) and while it is technically an antipsychotic and can be used for schizophrenia, it is marketed on their website for bipolar depression and I have done really well on it. So maybe my new pdoc wasn’t far off the mark about schizoeffective disorder. But I don’t feel like I have a mood disorder, I don’t get depressed or manic. My main problems have been hallucinations/delusions and a little but of the flat effect.


I have SZA bipolar type. I’m currently in what I think is a mixed episode. I’m currently taking Clozapine 200mg (trying to get off of it) and Abilify 15mg


Hey I wanted to pm you some questions, but it seems your profile had pm’s disabled :sweat_smile:


Sza bipolar type here, currently coming out of a depressive episode. I was just diagnosed in December 2020 after previous bipolar dx. I’m not on a separate mood stabilizer anymore. I was on trileptal but my new pdoc didn’t like it, didn’t think it did much, and it has a LOT of drug interactions. Currently on just vraylar, which has stabilizing actions as well as the antipsychotic aspect.


Hmm. . .

I Am Also Schizoaffective (Bipolar Type).

And Since You’re Open To Questions.

Thus May Help Me And Also The Original Poster.

I Was Once Sent To A Facility Before I Was Diagnosed With The Extended Version.

And No One In There Liked Me.

Would You Have Any Idea Why That Might Be?.

Jus In Case Anyone Else Has Felt Those Same Premonitions, Perhaps Your Insight Could Be Useful.

Loving The Sardines By The Way

(Narrator: Sardines Are Fish.)



I have sza depressive type.


yep sza bipolar type here, my manic episodes are starting to come back these past few months. im not on a mood stabilizer, just my injection of invega. which worked for the first 3 or 4 years keeping my moods stable, but now for some reason im back to feeling more like my previous self.


I’m sorry, I had to disable it because random people, who I never talked to or heard of before, kept sending me billions of separate inbox messages. They were quoting my comments from years ago and asking a billion questions about meds I was no longer taking.

It was stressful. :sweat_smile:

But if you feel comfortable creating a new thread and tagging me, I can talk to you there?


It could’ve been paranoia! Perhaps, you were just paranoid that everyone was against you or didn’t like you?

I have been paranoid in the hospital, thinking everyone wanted to harm me. But it was all in my head. Once the meds started working, I felt much less paranoid.

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Hmm. . .

You Bring Up A Good Point.

It’s Jus That, Well, You Have Those Feeling’s.

Sometimes They Don’t Make Much Sense.

But!, That Feeling’s Seems To Never Go Away.

Thanx!, For The Reply!.


Sza - bipolar type here too.
Mostly depressive but sometimes mixed episodes… :confused:


I’m SZA Depressive Type. No highs here, only the deep deep lows. Never been manic before, knock on wood :sweat_smile:

Also open to questions


I’m bipolar af

They tell me if I start a mood stabilizer I’ll adjust better.

I don’t like the sounds of a new med so I continue with my regular treatment plan

Do you like them @wave? I resist them like hell


Person I’m dating/currently in a fight with is, he’s on Invega which I personally think is a really awful drug. Me, I take lithium and fluphenazine and like them both.