Who has been the most influential person in your life

I would say that mine was one woman who taught me when I was in a special education. I was a little wild kid and my grades were bad, but as I went through this special education my grades rose rapidly.

This special education elevated me so much that then we had a geography competition in which I and another person were against all other classmates and when a teacher asked questions we always knew answers and we won, and so all other classmates lost.

My Bible instructor. We have knew each other since my college study.

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Well…aside from my parents I’d have to say it was my second girlfriend CD…she had the most influential impact on me aside from my parents…I know right? :blush:

It was my mother. She always loved me, even when I was at my most unlovable and she tried her best to raise me and protect me.


Getting me this far over the illness has been group project.

My Mom and Dad have never given up on me… I needed that.

My Sis who has always been around to keep me safe

My therapist who started out as a family therapist and is still with me… I’d say she’s been a huge help to our whole family.

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I’ve had several teachers… what have I learned…

The voice of my former self in my head

I am going to say my grandmother on my mother’s side - God bless her - she loved me unconditionally even at my worst


A stranger I worked for(as a carpenter). The guy was an engineer(smart), financially well off, and seemed to have a lot going for him, but all of that paled in his actual character. It’s hard to describe without saying the words “aura”, "angelic, or “god-like”. I’ve seen people juiced up, hyped, psychotic… This guy was just real <-take that word as a form, sprinkle other-worldly grandeir, with hope and innocence. That was this guy.
Knowing there’s a being like that walking earth, that is actually human makes me wonder wtf is wrong with everyone else, including me.

I’d have to say my mom. I get along with her even today and consider her advice for wisdom in situations. She also has the ability to hurt my feelings really bad sometimes because I am so influenced by her.

Definitely my mom, we’re crazy in different ways but otherwise she taught me how to read and write when I was very young, thus starting up my aspiration of being a writer, and here I am with two books and another on the way! She also takes pretty good care of me when it comes to my health. Brings me to the E.R. most of the time, refills my scripts, goes to my pdoc appt’s with me. Yeah if I could handle as much as she could I’d feel pretty amazing.

I am glad you can write and you have written books. I can only write snippets, but I used to draw images describing concepts of this our world for many years in the past. As a kid I was encouraged to educate myself. but most learning came from my teachers and so on.

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my imaginary white rabbit…full of good ideas…!?!
take care

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The only person I ever listened to told me they couldn’t help me. I had to find my own way. And so I am.

I feel for you @pob.
I’m in the same boat. Been told at a very young age that no one will ever think I’m anything special, so I had better stand on my own two feet and what I can’t get with my own two hands, I can’t have.
so, yeah, life has always been me standing on the outside looking in at the rest of the world enjoying privileges never meant for me.

I was told this at 18. It was the beginning of my quest. One time someone told me I was a seeker without a cause. Yes, underneath it all and sometimes on the surface doubting my worth - against others who were ‘free.’ And to whom living seemed to come easily.

I think my parents,siblings and psychiatrist,case manager at the hospital had been very influential in my life,I thank them for being around me in moments of difficulty,I want to repay their faith after I get well