Who else is taking a prn in celebration of fathers day

My relatives are coming over

So I took a prn

Last 2 times I took a prn when relatives or friends came over , I got compliments on my behavior.


Gonna go out and take some pics. No in-laws in sight so my stress level is low.


I don’t have a prn. But I’m glad it helps you and I hope you enjoy the day

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I did take some extra perphenazine today come to think of it


I may take some Klonopin because my puppy is pissing me off to no end!


What prn did you take?

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Klonopin for me too wave

Really does the trick usually but it hasn’t kicked in yet and my sisters here so I’m just downstairs. Not a huge deal but slightly uncomfortable


I might take some analgesics . 10 mg codeine is a little but it does the job

I can take as much Diazepam as I like, but it has no effect anymore

Between my fathers antics!
My brothers put downs and my puppies behavior, I’m through!

Had to take Klonopin to calm down!

Can’t take much more of this!


That was my problem when I went to visit my relatives this month. I forgot my prns!!


I don’t have any Klonopin, but I was stressing out so I took a Thorazine.

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It really worked out great

However I was tired after and went to bed early as a result

My sister actually seemed pleasant for once

Maybe it was my imagination :thought_balloon:

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