Who do you share a birthday with?

I share my birthday with, Rihanna, Kurt Cobain, Charles Barkley and Cindy Crawford. Feb 20

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My Dad usually. And last time, my Grandma as well. They take me out to eat.


I was going for what famous people also have your birthday but that still sounds nice😀

Oh lol. Maybe I will look that up then.

Well instead of listing them, I will just link ya. September 1st comin at ya

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Probably because I am (still) a bit paranoid – and I know that one’s birth date is a mechanism for breaking into one’s online financial accounts – I keep it to myself… and if required to provide it for anything BUT the establishment of a financial account, I change it to a different day and year. (Just sayin’.)

Can you really break into peoples stuff just from a birthday? Man screw the internet

Mark Wahlberg


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Marky Mark!!! Im gonna get punched for that aren’t I

Back when Mark Wahlberg was marky mark, this is how we used to get the party start, we used to mix in the bacardi dark, and when it kicks in you could hardly talk



Micki Arison and kawi Leonard.

Im with American royalty.

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Grace Kelly and Hassan Rouhani :sunglasses:

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And Neil Young

hes a great musician

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Neil Young and Marky Mark thats a power duo. And yea Neil Young was great especially with Crosby Stills and Nash. Kawi Leonard is a baller and Grace Kelly was awesome in Rear Window. And Tim Hardaway is a good one too. Though they probably don’t mean naything its fun to find little things about this. Keep them coming people. However it would be interesting to find out who died the day you were born. Apparently Isaac Newton was born when Galileo died, weird stuff.

Nah sarad is Niel Young not me, who she forgot to include. I looked up her birthday and saw Niel Young.

I’m only marky mark

and marques colston

everyone else i dont really care about

todays my birthday lol…im getting old :’(

anywho, I share with BB King, Mickey Rourke and David Copperfield and @Rhubots nephew :stuck_out_tongue:

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Happy birthday dude!

thx man… :smiley:
got a new pillow from the people working where i live. cant wait to check it out :smiley:

You share a birthday with my nephew! Add that to your list.

cool…congrats :birthday: