While i don't advertise sz it isn't totally secret

some close people in my life cannot handle that I am a schizophrenic person. they just try to punish it out of me. annoying is not the word. when they start up with me I feel abused.

I’ve tried complaining to authorities everywhere with little help. my therapist is the best help I have but it isn’t enough.

I am in a situation where I cannot get away from this stigma or their prejudice.

is this forever?


I don’t know. Is there any way you can get away from those people?

ignorance breeds more ignorance.
you can’t change the stupid.
take care


Is this a family person bothering you or a person in the neighborhood? It is hard when it’s family. The only thing you can do is gravitate to the family who is on your side.

I have a small handful of sour patch relations. The one person that is mostly harmless, always a bit nagging and just like a fly… always buzzing and irritating… my “you know what you need” aunt. I just had to learn not to take her personally because once she was done chewing on me… she would move on to someone else.

Now I figure her to be very lonely.

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If it isn’t your family,why do they know about your sz?

I think you need someone else to confide and tell someone trusted your problem and hopefully he can give you a solution

I get sensitive when someone said the word,“crazy”,“madman”,I am still learning to deal with these and am trying to overcome these

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Yeah, this is definitely not what you need. Find people you can trust, who are open and helpful. The sooner the better…

thanks for your replies, they are helpful.

it is good to read that others have overcome this kind of thing, one way or another. everybody’s situation is different, yet many are similar.