Which two antipsychotics have you been on the most and for how long

Abilify—-I’m coming up on 6 years on abilify. It is the ap for me as far as I know.

Zyprexa-was on for 6 months in 2010 but stopped it January of 2011 before becoming psychotic again.

I’ve been on prolixin risperdal, clozapine and saphris for the next longest periods of time. Like a month-2 on the first 3 and 4 months on the latter the saphris

Unless you’ve been on 1 or zero. You can answer too though as you wish.

Haldol 30 days
Zyprexa 22 years

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In the correct order too I assume :wink:

I’ve been on Saphris and Rexulti the longest and I guess it’s been about 2 years

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I’ve been on Geodon and Seroquel for over fifteen years. They’ve kept me mostly straight.

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I was on Stelazine for 40 years. Now I’m on Perphenazine for 1 year.


I was on Perphenazine during 7 years and now I’m on Abilify since 2015 (4 years). I hope to be on Abilify for the rest of my life.


I was on quetiapine for 2.5 years, it helped with delusions, depression and sleep. I’ve been on olanzapine for 4 years It helps with delusions and depression.


I was on geodon for a year but it started to make me physically ill so I switched to latuda which I’ve been on for about 4 months

Invega - about 18 months
Abilify- about 3 months

Abilify over 10 years.
Risperdal close to 12 years or so.