Which is your favorite perfume and why?

Ok, there’s an old thread like this, but i post again lol :slight_smile:
So which is your favorite perfume? Why do you like it? :blush:
Me, i decided to buy this one in fact and it smells the soap and the clean and the musk lol :slight_smile:
I needed something clean for the summer in fact. I have other perfumes at home, which are more in the sweet and more evening scents, but this one is different a bit.


Vanilla Woods by The 7 Virtues is what I currently wear:


It’s pretty scrumptious: smells like a warm, woodsy, sweet vanilla. More of a Fall/Winter scent.

The Sol Cheriosa '62 by Sol De Janeiro is bomb as well:


It’s very Summery, and has warm notes of vanilla, caramel, and some pistachio thrown in there. Simply wonderful.



I always get compliments when I wear this. I think it must wear well with my natural scent. I rarely use it anymore though. I have a full bottle which just sits there.


Ahhhh, I also own this one :grin:

It’s super pretty, but I find it too “grown” if that makes any sense.

Gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day :upside_down_face:.


Oh, the favorite of my sister and my mom for long lol… I have a bottle of it even here now, i have the perfume, but maybe it expired already hah…

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Not a scent I would wear,

But one I always have and is my favorite.

It was my first perfume I was allowed to have around twelve years old.

Used it because it was the only scent that covered up weed smoke smell.

Reminds me of strange, yet good times.

I really love it, the scent of it really throws me back.


At the moment my last buy was Yves Saint Laurent Y Parfum it smells great :smiley:


I like Jovan Musk


Ok, i’ll tell you a small secret :slight_smile:
My mom gets crazy with this one…:
Galop d’Hermes Hermès perfume - a fragrance for women 2016 (fragrantica.com)
Its a very particular one, cause it smells the leather… Its really strange lol :smiley:
I guess all Hermes smell the leather, idk…
I dont find it very seductive though, but if someone likes the leather, its for him. I even didnt know before, that they are capable to reproduce this kind of smell :slight_smile: .

“Any one the local shoplifters are selling!”" :smiley:

Hah no seriously - i use Joop.


I don’t know too much about perfumes

I am not much into body spray either

Although I may stink but I don’t wear any

Just a good shower :shower: is what I have

But leaf mentioned jovan musk and I have a few of them


i don’t use perfumes anymore… i do use a rexona anti perspirant… but no perfumes anymore.

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My sister got me this. Love it


Got some of that in my Bathroom - nice taste mate.

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I have quite a little collection of scents. My favorite is one called Flowerbomb.

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Joop is my favorite men’s fragrance. I love it when my husband wears it. It’s my favorite

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I prefer it when people where none. I seem to have developed a pronounced scent allergy as I have aged. It’s unpleasant to bump into people wearing cheap scents. AXE is a great source of hives and a swollen throat for me.

Ha. A bottle will last me a couple of years. I dont wear aftershave often - cos im never on the pull for women that might appreciate it! I normally use the 99p Superdrug deodarant lol.

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My favorite is Forever Red, because it smells good on me. Most scents have a strange smell on me like they don’t mesh with my natural body chemistry. It’s weird. They never smell the same as they do in the bottle once they get on my skin. But Forever Red is a winner for me

yea when i still took the bus for going places it always was hard for me if someone came to sit close to me with perfume on…