Which do you stigmazise the most?


alcoholism …?



mental illness…?

or other


Probably gambling because I’ve never been a gambler and I saw how my friends who gambled had psychological issues from it.

I try not to stigmatize any of them. Especially since I’ve been addicted to or been 3 of these 4 things


Sloth, which gambling is a form of.


Mental illness to be honest


who am I too judge and stigmatise any of the listed?


I really don’t stigmatize anything much. If I had to come up with an answer, it would have to be drug use. I’ve had so many friends and family members choose drugs over the people they care about. It’s not even the addiction part of it… It’s the choice they made to start, knowing what the drug does to people in advance and that addiction is almost always a package deal. I’ve never saw the appeal. It’s as if they are saying to themselves:

“Hmmm…I can’t wait to try a drug that I’ll spend all my money on, will make me steal from my friends and family members when I run out of money, will make me lose my teeth, and make my face look like I’m from a zombie apocalypse. Ooooh…where do I sign up?” LOL