Where is your heart located?

Left breast or right breast?

Mine is beating in the left breast.

Why is there a saying, that when everything is alright, “your heart is in the right place”?

Definition of “heart is in the right place”

one’s intentions are good despite indications to the contrary

It doesn’t indicate the physical location of our hearts. It merely means good intention.


Actually your heart is located almost perfectly in the middle of your chest, but because the hearts shape is not symmetrical the bulkier side is on the left. This is why people say the heart is on the left.
However @Plumber is right about the actual meaning for the statement.

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"Tore the spines from out of all of all of these self help books, found myself a gun that not only looks but shoots, so real, shoots through steel, with ray’s of dark matter. Do you wonder where the self resides? Is it in you’re head or between you’re sides and who will be the one to determine the fact, of it’s true location?