Where is the love?

Michael Jackson said it best- where is the love?

feel a bit better now so here is another love song lol

he had no childhood so he liked being round kids and the BASTARDS turned it into oh he likes kids he must be a pedophile (not that people thought they could get money out of asn accusation) nimagine being publically outed as a pedophile! i hate the press.

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daydreamer are you taking the piss out of me or something thanks.

no dandy, i was just in a funny mood this morning and wanted to post a good song asking where is the love, then i felt a bit more loved and i posted the other song haha,

i cant believe he could have done those things they said, he had lots of money and he lost it all, if it really was a proper criminal case he would have gone to prison but no the parents of those children cashed in what i would call ‘the biggest fraud of all time’ its no wonder he couldn’t sleep.

their is a new album coming out soon called xscape which is inspired by MJ so i am looking forward to hearing it

but that aside i thought i might post good songs here like happy songs that might cheer people up

have a nice day


here’s a nice happy song :sunny: