Where is daze?

Missing @daze did she delete her account

Nm she’s banned

Banned until February 2nd. Hope she comes back as I always find her posts “interesting”.


Banned again? 56789

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Daze is a bit of a free spirit and wears her heart on her sleeve. I find her to be quite harmless. I think the Mods should give her a longer leash as she is a long standing member of this forum. She doesn’t usuually pick fights either…more so she gets suspended for her retaliation in most cases.


Oh yeah she picks fights

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Let’s just say some posters…(ahem)…can be rather thin-skinned on this forum.

Because your not suppose to call people names

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If you can’t stomach being called ‘a name’ once in a while on a website, I have no idea how you can function in the real world.

Well I dont function well enough in the real world and I’m sure some of us dont either

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I’m just concerned that Daze may be getting some kind of complex out of all of this…like she’s a bad person or something…when really…she’s just a confident woman who has conviction of her own viewpoints.

Umm, why haven’t we brought up the fact that she’s drunk most of the time when on…confident woman, well, ■■■■ if I still drank, I’d have “liquid”confidence, too…@patrickT

be civil and supportive is the way to go. Best not speak ill of people who aren’t here to mount a defence!