Where do you do most of your shopping? - online and in person

My 2 questions for this topic are:

Where do you do most of your online shopping?


Where do you do most of your in person shopping?


Most of my online shopping is on Amazon.

Most of our in person shopping is Walmart and Aldi. We go weekly.


I personally do almost all my shopping online.

I shop Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Sweetwater, Chewy, and HalLeonard.com mostly

In person I shop Walmart and Hyvee on ocassion.


i do amazon and online curb side pickup as i can’t tolerate crowds.

in person are convenience stores.

das me.


i actually do my tobacco shopping online mostly odd for the pack a butts at the store now and then. legal in 48 states still. three pounds ohm and the tubes at a conenience store.


I grocery shop in person at the supermarket near my house. I used to grocery shop online at Safeway but they raised the delivery price, added miscellaneous fees and made tipping the driver mandatory. Since I buy $150 worth of groceries at a time when I shop online I was paying more than $20 per delivery. That is far too much so now I get up early and go when it’s least crowded and do my grocery shopping at Lucky’s.

Other than that I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. Been able to purchase some stuff I was having a hard time finding elsewhere and been able to buy my toothpaste, body wash and de-oderant on Amazon where it’s much cheaper than at CVS.


I shop online at chewy, target, Walmart and Amazon.

I shop in person at the pharmacy and vape store.


Online. Being immune compromised, I avoid people.

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i remember the vape store.

always the etenuation on 50mgs…went back to smoking.

My number 1 site for online shopping is Amazon with Door Dash trailing shortly behind.

For in person shopping it’s Target and one of my local grocery store chains.

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Both. 15characters

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when I used to paint I bought all my art supplies online…now I just buy the occasional book or action figure on amazon. I buy my checks online through walmart , they have the best deal in the world on checks…I do all the grocery shopping and errands like prescriptions etc. in town myself.

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mike scott on whole of the moon.

online shopping? made for us man.

I shop only in stores.
Clothes, beauty, groceries, home stuff.


my mom do all the shopping in stores i depend on her as i live with her and i rarely shop in stores. we never tried online shopping

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You have Aldi :sweat_smile:

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I mostly shop online rarely in a shop

When I shop for my business I primarily go to Sam’s club and Walmart. I order stuff online from Sam’s club that you can’t get in the store and I have an Amazon business account also.

For my personal shopping I go to Target, Walmart or Shoppers Value.

For my Mustangs I primarily have to order things online from CJ Pony parts or Virginia Mustang. But I usually just call Virginia Mustang on the phone and order over the phone to be sure of what I am getting. But you can order online.

I don’t shop online, if I need something I shop in person

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Most of my shopping is done through Amazon

For my cat I shop online from Chewy.