When you have

Three cats, a stimulus package, and boredom, this is what you get. It’s much larger than I thought and no one will sit in it yet. It has ramps so the chubby one can get in.





oh they are going to love it…maybe cover the seats with a pillow or a blanket? they will jump from seat to seat more comfortably? idk just a guess.


All the pole sections are wrapped in white cords so they can easily climb up and down.

Skye is checking it out.


@Oolaloola , Are your cats young or old? Real young cats love these. They think of them as playgrounds. But, mature cats find them oh so dull. They look at them kind of like adult humans look at human children’s playgrounds.

I have a six year old cat. She is the most playful of them all. She loves life. Laser lights make her crazy.

My four year old grey cat is a cuddly one. But she does love to play.

Our three year old cat is chunky and lazy, and loves to snuggle up to the kids, but will always go for string.

I think a lot of it is personality, not age.

They are all exploring the tower now.

Our thirteen year old cat was very playful, but also loved to be held and cuddled. I miss him every day.

Skye looks like a lemur in that photo!


She’s like a lemur!

She has a heating pad during winter. Yes, our cats are super spoiled.


Midnight is very flexible…lol



Have you heard of Catit Senses Cicuits? I got one for my kitten, along with a ball that lights up when she bats it. Entertainment for hours :laughing:

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Wow! Now that’s a cat post! Be you little fur babies will love it.

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