When was the best time period of your life?

For me it was 6th grade through 9th grade (1990-1994). The hellish abuse I was being put through at home stopped abruptly at the end of 5th grade, when my parents sent my brother to live with our grandma. In 10th grade is when I got sick and miserable with ulcerative colitis, during which time I also fell deep into depression and started having some psychotic symptoms. But damn, I had four glorious years of enjoyment.

I suppose next would be 2005-2008, as I was healthy and happy during that period as well, until things fell apart and I had another psychotic break (August/September 2008).


When I was 19 it was a both great and hellish year. The first half was great then the second half was hell. Other than that maybe 5th grade was pretty good before it was downhill after that. And the most recent year hasn’t been bad for me either. But I hope it continues to get better.

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Yes, I too had 4 years of happiness (from when I was aged 22-26.)

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When I look back there were pluses and minuses to all the stages but before 50 was best for physical health reasons.

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It’s a really good question because I think it’s when I got on invega



I’ve had some good years and some really, really bad years,

But I refuse to long for those good years or resent the bad ones

Now is the only time that matters, right?


Last year of high school 98-99.

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My twenties were my best years, was thin, pretty, smart, and no intrusive thoughts.


I would say the seventh and eighth grade. There were things that were wrong in my life, but I could relax around people during this time. That felt so good.

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Ages 20-22 when I was really enjoying myself at college.

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When I was 19 I got a huge inheritance and my life was falling into place I wasn’t stuck in an abusive situation I was going to school I didn’t have to work. But I ■■■■■■ it up.

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Do you still have the inheritance? I only ask because if so then you could pay for your therapy

No I don’t I spent most of it on school and wasted the little bit I had left from that spent it on someone who took advantage of me and the last bits were spent on vet bills and supporting me when i I was unemployed. I got the money like 5 years ago but I’ve been pretty much broke the past 2 years. I’m fully dependant on my parents now but Idk how long that’s gonna last I’m so ■■■■■■

When I was three to six. 1999-2002. Lived in a nice house in a city. I remember this time super clearly. Things are easier when you’re a little kid. I miss it so much.


Best time for me was from Age 9 to age 13. 1982 - 1986

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2010 - 2011; age 21 - 22

I have very fond, nostalgic memories of my early 20s. The years roughly from age 21 through 22 were the best of my life. Though those years were not totally carefree and I did have my ups and downs, there was a magic to those days that I find impossible to recreate today.

The nineties were also good years for me.

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Best time period is now by far. I’ve had about 2 years of strong happiness. Before this I was nuts for about 5 years and on different medications. In my late 20s I was on Wall Street as an investment banker. Had some happy times but the stress of NYC eventually did me in. My childhood was decent.


Even though I got little to no symptom relief, the two and a half years I went to high school (did home tutoring for part of HS) were mostly good. I had some girls like me ( I messed that up) and even though I wasn’t very good, I did throw the shot put on the track team. I hadn’t yet gained huge amounts of weight. I just got another look at my old track picture my mom had and I looked pretty good in my tank top like track uniform.

It was a very confusing time too though and I sometimes had trouble coping. I asked one girl to a dance, and could think only of making it the very best. Less than 48 hours before the dance she said I should go with her friend. Her friend actually was cute but I felt manipulated, which didn’t really make sense because how could either one of them have known I would ask her to the dance? At times the near constant hallucinations got to me. But I could talk to people and I tried to be mildly friendly if not social with people. I think most people were ok with me and some might have liked me.


Age 12 to 15, I started to be social and hang out with classmates. Also playing online was the most funny thing in the world.


Probably when I was about 24-26.

My best friend and I had made up from a year long fight.

I was sober and not on any drugs.

I was in the service.

My friend that I wrote about above recently had a child and gotten married.

I got out of the service and partied a lot.

We were young, had high hopes, cool sneakers, we listened to a lot of hip-hop and cool music. We just felt so cool.

We were just so happy and young.

Later on this same friend committed suicide around the time I was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

I’m sorry everyone to be so dark, I’m just feeling really emotional and sentimental tonight. :cry:

My friend and I had so much dreams and hopes.

I never thought the world would break our hearts like it did.