What's your silver lining from this pandemic?

for me, it’s been that i am at peace with being unemployed right now. i was stressing out about finding a job and going back to work before all of this. but now i know i just need to be patient about that and count my blessings i have an ssdi income.

a close second would be quality time with family.


Silver lining is that I normally isolate anyway so I’m well prepared / used to It.


Silver lining is that Starlet finally got the break he had been saying he was desperate for.


silver lining for me is that it makes me feel connected with everyone as we are all going through it. Also, I am personally able to do everything that I need to do – I still have a job and I can complete my dissertation with all this quiet time.


I just talked to my son. He is 26. He says if all this craziness doesn’t end soon he is moving back to Louisiana. He currently lives in Arizona so that would be nice but I am sick of this social distancing already and I am not a very social animal.

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I’m sick anyway, so I don’t feel like I’m missing something. :roll_eyes:


I just miss going out to eat mostly. There isn’t anyone I am dying to go visit or anything.


yeah im sure it would be nice to be able to see your son more.

my brother just moved from phoenix to dallas, but he still owns a house in phoenix.

i used to love arizona when i was young, but now i go for greenscapes and avoid the desert reds and browns.

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Bit of oneness in the UK. Just a feeling I get. Generally, of course there’s some idiots

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Not to be a Debbie Downer,

But there really is no silver lining here.

People are sick,

Some people are dying,

Workers are left unpaid,

We’re being forced in our homes,

We have no knowledge of when more supplies will come in,

The economy is tanking.

We’re losing our retirement as we speak.

It’s a mess out there, there really are no positives.

That’s my opinion.

Others may feel differently.


I agree, there is no silver lining.
People are dying.

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My silver lining is that now other people know what it’s like to isolate.


@chordy I quite agree,

My brothers going crazy cos he cant go out- and have his pint down his local.

And im laughing cos ive been on my sodding own for months anyway, and he cant cope with it. "Welcome to my World Dear Bruv ha! "

For me I am so grateful for all the good I have through this drama.

When I had voices and was delusional I didn’t think family loved me and thought they wanted to kill me etc now I have family and that’s a great support and feeling and I also have a boyfriend I love.
I also believed lots of wierd things etc

My silver lining is that I’m not psychotic.
Despite all the drama I have not had a episode and am rather stable.
No positive symptoms which I’m happy about.


Working from home.

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The silver lining in a broader sense is that this is a dress rehearsal for the next pandemic. Hopefully we will learn how to allocate our resources efficiently and know what to do if a worse virus comes along.

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I really believe the silver lining in all of this, is that people will now have that precious time to devote to their passions/ hobbies.

I’m expecting an explosion in creativity in the Arts/ Music/ Medicine…etc…over the next 8 months to a year!

When we all bounce back from this…and we WILL…it’s gonna be one heck of a party! :sunny:


My silver lining is spending more time inside. At this point in my life, I dont get much from being around people.

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My husband still has a job and is able to work from home. It is nice to have him around more, and he gets to skip the hour and a half round trip to work. Otherwise this coronavirus pandemic is dangerous and very serious.

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I don’t have it yet.

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