What's your guilty pleasure?

Is there anything you like to do that you wouldn’t want others to know about? I watch the TV show Dance Moms, and I listen to crappy pop music.

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I like the Spice Girls. Why am I admitting this? I don’t know.


Mine is Natalie Merchant…I…like…Natalie Merchant okay?

This song in particular makes me feel like shedding a single manly tear:

Listening to 90’s beck music.

I don’t talk about this very often because I’m already 0 on the macho scale… but I know how to knit. Learned it to impress a girl.

I just finished a beanie because I lost my last one. I’m not that fast, but stuff I make suits me just fine.


I had a lovingly hand knitted drumstick bag for ages…it had green and white stripes and a metal hoop at the top to keep it open. I used to hang it on my floor tom and keep all my drumsticks in it for easy access.

Now and then I wonder where that thing went…my props though for learning the art yourself…my hat goes off to you sir :smile:

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I’m jealous! I tried to knit once before, I took some classes. But I was never very good at it.

If you ever want to try again… I found some really good vid’s on Youtube…

Tin Can Knits- Simple collection.

These ladies know how to explain things well, and start of with simple stuff and adds like one small skill up with each little project.

There goes my Macho factor… -1


Doesn’t matter where I am… But when I hear this song I always burst out in song to it.

No idea why. Just totally love singing it.

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I go on youtube and look at christian stuff…sermons and hymns. Well, maybe it isn’t a guilty pleasure, but it’s something weird I like to do that I’ve never told anyone about.

Hot chips :stuck_out_tongue: I’m on a fairly strict diet, involving all-natural stuff, less grains, and no junk food. But it’s hard to pass up hot chips. Loooaded with monosodium glutamate, and puts me out of commission for a week, but my god…

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i will occasionaly eat almost a Large Pizza with a lot of toppings in 1 sitting. It is sooo good but i cant even move after. Im not really suppose to eat cheese too much so thats why its my guilty pleasure lol

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Sorry. It’s just a catchy song.

ABBA has the second highest record sales worldwide of all time for a band , second only to the Beatles.
If you count solo artists they are the fifth top selling act of all time.


I am do most pleasurable things guiltily,that what’s makes me special,but I want to feeds guilty though

Really !!! Great, I mean that’s awesome. :slight_smile:

Chesney hawkes and pizza.:slight_smile:

Knit a holster or a quiver for arrows. Macho factor goes up 3 3/4 points.


Totally not good combined with psych meds, but a glass of really good Zinfandel, preferably from the Shenandoah Valley in California.

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oh kellya don’t do this to me I love red wine (alcoholic) LOL

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I think all of my pleasures are guilty but I dont feel any guilt I just know that certain other people think they are guilt-worthy. I like sex, metal, 90’s music, rock, lifting weights, playing with myself, porn, eating big dinners, paying for other people’s food and drinks, making people have orgasms, making myself have orgasms, talking to people, being a highly functioning whack job, holding my cats, letting my dogs lick my face, letting my cats nudge me, petting my dogs, drinking coffee, taking assorted tranquilizers, sleeping and experiencing vivid dreams, making classes full of people laugh, speaking my mind (now that one gets me in serious trouble sometimes, at least when the wrong people hear me- I am speaking my mind right now), watching politically incorrect comedy acts like the Ali G show and South Park, watching anime (which some people have a stigma against, believe it or not), talking to you people, engaging in homosexual public displays of affection, being vain, looking at myself in the mirror, talking about my sexual escapades, talking about my substance abuse escapades, learning psychology for mainly egotistical reasons, foreplay, cuddling, chewing nicotine gum, having a beer now and then…

but most of all, doing all of the crap I just said and some people not knowing about it, not even having a clue as to what I enjoy, other than lifting weights, you can tell I do that and would assume that I enjoy it.

That was fun.