What's your favorite food item(s)?


I love to eat chicken Biriyani, Paneer Butter Masala and butter naan and American Chop Suey … also Dosa … post photos if you can.


This is Dosa mixed with maggi and cheese.


I love chicken tenders. I could eat them all day every day.

I also love Finnbiff.
It’s shredded reindeer meat cooked on a low temperature with cream, mushrooms, creme fraiche, and spices, and eaten with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jelly.


People eat Reindeers?


I’m really into chickpeas and lenses at the moment. Can be used in alot.


Yes, especially in the Saami territory (Lappland, which is in the northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway)

It’s quite tasty.


I thought they were only used for father Christmas


Oh, I’m sure he can spare a few :wink:


I will refuse to eat a Reindeer


Sure, if you want to miss out on something incredibly delicious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Saami people have thousands of them, and they use them for everything.


Ramen is my favorite! :drooling_face: I could eat it forever! :yum:


What does it contain?


The stuff I get is noodles pork miso softboiled egg seaweed naruto and some other ingredients it’s really good!!


Wow that sounds amazing… have you tried any Indian food items btw? And where is this item from that you mention? Which country?


Naan and dosa are so good. I grew up in surrey, which some people call ‘little india’ so I ate lots of Indian food when I was young.

I like sushi the best. And chocolate. And any sort of candy with the sour sugar on it. I don’t eat healthy.


You should try Dosa if you get a chance it’s the best… even I don’t eat healthy.


On atypical antipsychotics…EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!


Sushi, pizza, and chips & queso


Really it’s a tie, either Alaskan king crab legs or a chocolate éclair



Nachos. or tortilla chips with salsa, beef or chicken, or refried beans, melted cheese, peppers (jalepeno), sour cream and guacamole. had to add that for characters.