What's your blood type

o positive has the greatest number and ab negative has the fewest. What are you?

  • o positive
  • o negative
  • b positive
  • b negative
  • a positive
  • a negative
  • ab positive
  • ab negative

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With O+ blood, my blood can be given to anyone with a + blood type (O- can go to ANYBODY), but my last donation was in 2003 - it screwed me up so badly. They probably wouldn’t want my blood, anyway, on account of my meds.

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what happened if you don’t mind me asking

Can I add an option because I have no clue

  • I’m not sure
  • Nill

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I don’t remember everything about it, but I remember feeling terribly unstable/freaked out. I don’t recall if I became physically sick. It may have been coincidence that I felt that way after donating, but I don’t take chances on it.

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I have no idea …

I gave blood once and don’t want to ever do it again.

I started donating when I was 18, had given a total of more than a gallon by the time I had that bad experience at 23 years old.

Is this before or after I became a vampire :prayer_beads:


I always remember my blood type because It’s be positive…B+

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I have no idea what my blood type is. I’ve never donated blood but i’ve had an awful lot of blood work done over the years at the doctor. No one’s ever told me.

ab- is the rarest but in my siblings and me three of the four of us have it.

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