What's the definition of high functioning schizophrenic?

Although I’m totally functioning like s**t. No future perspective, no work, unable to hold down a job, unable to maintain social relationships and/or unable to go back to college, I’m considered high functioning. I’m considered as “not a average and/or prototype” schizophrenic.

Is having insight, being aware what issues you have/face, what your limits are and what you are capable off and/or being your own “psychiatrist” enough to be high functioning?

I imagine a high functioning schizophrenic is capable to study/work/hold down relationships, no!?

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Yes thats what i think about it…!!! U are a good person man… u are male right…


My psychiatrist defined a high functioning schizophrenic as someone who has a tendency towards elevated abstract thinking. Unfortunately most schizophrenics have problems with concrete thinking, which is what most of the general population uses. Although, I would agree that a high functioning schizophrenic would also be able to study/work/hold down relationships…


Guess that’s the reason why I’m considered “high functioning”… I’m somewhere in the middle…

@far_cry0 yes, male.


Average functiong like my dad…!!!

Well, most of the schizophrenics I’ve met would be unlikely to be able to use this forum, or at least not contribute coherently. So as far as my personal anecdotal experience most of us are probably at least moderate functioning


According to both my psychiatrist and therapist, I am high functioning, even though I cannot work or go to school right now.
I always thought that I was more moderate functioning, but my doctors don’t agree.


U are high functioning…!!! Wave…!!! U contribute a lot here…!!!


I’m in the same boat.

But perhaps for the doctors who see lots of schizophrenic patients, their view on the potential for schizophrenics becomes more pessimistic


Thanks @far_cry0! :slight_smile:


I think they mean, like the woman who teaches law at UCLA, or doctors I’ve heard about

A high functioning schizophrenic can earn at least a part time income and pay taxes on it.

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I dont know the deffinition but i consider myself high.functioning…i work.part time…im not capable to work all day…i feel like a healthy person…and im very social…i have a busy life.

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High funcioning doesnt mean you live like a healthy person…it means you have a life.

Not sure.
It’s tempting to say being “slightly” schizophrenic is like being “slightly” pregnant; but, unlike the latter state, some people do have relatively mild symptoms, sometimes for years, such as hearing voices occasionally or having “flights of fancy” that go way beyond normal. They may stay stable or improve, but typically the condition worsens with time (at least according to the opinion of my urologist).

There are certainly varying degrees of symptoms. Generally, schizophrenia can be very treatable and patients with schizophrenia can be functional and productive.

Basically high functioning schizophrenia suggests that the person has a psychotic disorder that is not impacting their outward functioning at the time but is likely causing inner turmoil and may eventually impair someones functioning.

I’m high functioning meaning i work 6 days a week full time, run a side business that my family is now a part of, i shower daily, take my meds as prescribed, go for walks around my property before and after work and so on and on. if you’re close to or above all of that, you are high functioning.

My illness was kicking in so I decided to come on here to distract my mind. It’s working

Yeah I’ve been told I’m high functioning because I am aware that I am at the bottom of society and have complained frequently about it which I suppose means a low-functioning schizophrenic must be under a box on a street corner or in jail lost in his own World completely unaware of his situation. We are on top of the garbage pit of society of confirmed schizophrenics. I’m willing to bet though that there are folks out there who never bothered to go to a doctor and are functioning reasonably well not because they ignored the illness but because they actually don’t need any help or maybe got treatment that got rid of their voices and are still quietly taking the meds. Those people are probably the true high functioning schizophrenics.

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