What's the best prognosis for a full med free recovery?

One day I asked my current doctor if it were possible for me to be free of meds someday and she say it might be possible but I don’t know what I can do to make things better.

Between positive and negative symptoms is there a best prognosis for a med free full recovery of SZ related illnesses (sza in this case)?

Or other prognosis for a med free recovery? What are the main aspects to this recovery?

Any thoughts would be welcomed.

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I asked my pdoc if it were possible that I can go without an Antipsychotic - she then threatened to send me to the psych ward.

I dont think that its a good idea for me to go without an Antipsychotic - I suffer from too many different symptoms.

If you decide to go med free - be very careful and do it with your doctor’s consent


Yes. I won’t do it otherwise. I don’t want to go through another relapse again. It very painful. Emotionally I become a wreck.

I lack energy as I know you do too. Lack of pleasure. And fear, shame, introversion and isolation.
Is there anything in one’s hands that one can do?

I made it off meds once for almost 5 years. The reason I relapsed was because I tried taking drugs, biggest mistake of my life. I remember I was in a mess after my first episode and soon gained alot of weight. I lost that weight and started going running a few nights a week. By this point I got myself feeling pretty good apart from sexual dysfunction was causing me depression. Anyway after a total of 2 years or maybe a little more I came off the meds and I was fine. I put it down to getting myself mentally well and psysically fit, the 2 went together.

If your going to come off taper. Follow the rule of 1 to 2 years treatment for first episode and 5 years for multiple episode. I recommend getting fit with running. This I am hoping to do myself a second time round.

Local peer advocacy and support has been very helpful to me over the years. I have quite a few mentally ill and mentally well friends and I kind of study them both and ask what works and doesn’t work for them and think of what’s likely to work for me and how I have similar struggles.

I have to say I think I am somewhat in the middle of all the people I associate with as far as temperament, finances, health, accomplishments, addictive behaviors, etc… I don’t know too many people who are millionaires nor is anyone currently I know homeless but I don’t think their lifestyles would be suitable for me either.

What are these rules? Where do you find information about this? 5 years counting from the relapse time?

I’ve read somewhere that taking anti-psychotics, long-term, for longer than 3 years has not shown greater improvements - comparing to longer periods.

Your probably right. Different people say different things. I’ve read take for 5 years for multiple episodes but my most recent consultant psychiatrists say at least 2 years.

How long you been on medication and how many relapses have you had?

I’ve been on AP’s 20+ years. Every time I’ve tried getting off the med’s it hasn’t worked. You might be different, though. I sometimes wonder if I could make it without med’s if I cut out caffeine and alcohol and meditated.

Been on medication for 12 years.
I’ve had my second relapse (third hospitalization) last year. I was hospitalized around March if my memory doesn’t fail me.

That is a long time taking AP’s. I reckon that alcohol doesn’t combine well with medication.

So far I haven’t experienced too many symptoms from combining the two. I drink less than I used to. Now I go for months at a time without drinking. At my worst I was drinking 4 or 5 nights a week, sometimes more.

Do you drink to cope?

Is there any documentation online that you know documenting the time estimated for tapering off?

The only info I’ve had is from pdoc’s and googling “schizophrenia treatment duration” and stuff like that.

Ok. Thanks for the tip.

not doing meds…is putting up with the delusions, voices, psychosis…basically sitting in it, and dealing with it.
it can be extremely uncomfortable.
take care :alien:


Going without meds when you know you are crazy is truly insane.


Do a ton of cognitive work . And learn as many coping strategies as possible. I don’t take meds. Some days are bad some days are good but I feel I’m recovering . Don’t know if it will ever be “perfect” but I can manage.

Take a conservative approach to beliefs that would be considered either religious or paranormal. It’s just a good safe play. Just a bit of a “who cares, let it be” approach.

Also stress management Is huge. High stress is usually what gets me


There’s a chance it can happen for a sz pt IF 1) the psychosis is less the result of less treatable genetics than it is more treatable environmental stress, and 2) the combination of meds and psychotherapy used over time are sufficient to rewire the brain’s emotion regulation system and the downlinks from the pre-frontal cortices.