What would you do if you were in Johnny Nash's predicament?

You’ve probably heard of John F. Nash and his recent death. He had a grown son (Johnny) who also has SZ.
Now Johnny has to fend for himself. What would you do if you were Johnny, or what do you think he will do.
I feel bad for Johnny, if you don’t already know about him you can learn more about him by clicking the link below, or try your own search, but there’s not a lot of info available about him.

I feel bad for him, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my parents like that.

That ■■■■■■■ sucks really huge sweaty balls, damn the earth.

My father abandoned me a long time ago, maybe that makes me lucky in some aspects?

Maybe his pap left him a little cashola.

i don’t know what i would do if i was suddenly alone.

Actually, I think schizophrenics that don’t hear voices are probably more entertained with their delusions of being some other person that they aspire to be. We are not alone, as long as we have connections to family and only a few normal social ties.

If I was him I would go to live with my brother and cry about losing my parents.

Be careful of what you read in the New York Post. That fishwrap has been known for manipulating people’s emotions for 125 years. As much money as John Sr. left, consider John Jr. likely to be well cared for.

yes I believe you’re right, we don’t know what to believe. According to sources there’s 2 sons- John David Stier ,is the oldest son.
And John Charles Martin “Johnny” maybe he will probably be okay
Is- nydailynews any more credible?

I would teach math or something. Maybe become a boxer.