Both John Nash's son and grandson got schizophrenia

not sure if you saw that doc on PBS.


Are they the gifted sz type like their father?

I don’t remember if the woman interviewing them made light of that.

I liked that movie

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John Nash’s son is also a mathematician.

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never comtemplated, or took his own life. Him and his wife were killed in a car accident, elderly.


I just heard of that John Nash’s son get mentally ill. I have not heard of his grandson has MI.


I have seen video of him and his mathematician son from his wife. I don’t think he has a grandson.
He has another elder son whom he had with a nurse. I think he is a nurse as well.
Don’t know about grandson thing.

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yeah, I watched the documentary and it was the reporter or film maker I guess
was talking with both John Nash’s son and grandson
in their house.
the grandson said, I hear voices, and his dad asked, You do?
he said, yeah, but he seemed mad and walked outta the room.

It is a pity that both Nash’s son and grandson have MI.

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Yes it runs in families my mother and I’ve got schizophrenia. And I’m scared to think about it but I suspect that my little princess my niece is starting to show borderline symptoms too. That’s very sad…

so sorry. I don’t know what to say, most the time we don’t get the young into the system,
but what can you do.

Is it this one?

maybe. it’s hard for me to recall.

I used to worry about that in my nieces but I noticed when I stopped looking for it in them it didn’t show up.

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