What were the best and worst year(s) of your life?

I’d say try to limit it to one year each, if possible, but hell I wasn’t able to do so.

2006 or 2007: It was too hard to choose between these two years. The only problem with 2006 was that my mom died (breast cancer) that September. I was devastated. Other than that, though, it was a wonderful year, as was 2007. I was in grad school, doing great, was madly in love with my then-gf/fiance (we got engaged Valentine’s Day 2007). It was a wonderful time in my life.

2003 or 2008: Again I couldn’t pick just one. In 2003 I had my first (March) and second (October/November) psychotic breaks. That was what chased me from med school and crushed my dream of becoming a doctor. In 2008 I couldn’t hold a job, had a psychotic break, which ultimately cost me my short-lived marriage to the woman I mentioned above. I had to come back from Baltimore to Michigan, stayed on my dad’s couch for a month before getting a cheap apartment, and I basically had to start all over from nothing.

So, how about you?


2017 was the worst year.i was kind of dead but alive.
i dont want to say best year its not east to say lol

I’m sorry to hear that. Is there a year you would say was your best? Even if you have to go back to your childhood for that.

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Okay, sorry, just read that.

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hm well one of them was I suppose when I had a best friend that i used to see every weekend

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My life was beautiful up until the age of around 19.

The last 11 years have been rough.

This year has been the best. Work is stable and I live comfortably.
Every year I’ve had a suicide attempt were the bad years. One when I got sick in 2002, two this year. Glad I survived.

Very rarely is a whole year either good or bad for me. Such a range of experiences over the course of a year. I remember my first break in 2006. That was rough… I was hospitalized in 2008 and put in a homeless shelter for the mentally ill. Another rough year.

Things are pretty rough with SZ on the whole, although there are moments of clarity before the prevailing negativity gets ahold of me again.

A time when I was a child and felt retarded and heavy and stagnated and lonely and unloved and unwanted and empty etc and I was bullied.
Being a teenager was awful but specially this year in Sweden was very difficult to get through.

Hearing voices as a young adult and having delusions and being a sl## etc was pretty bad too.
Agonising then too.

That was worst.


Precious Moments but not necessarily year…

Some of my best moments of my life were with my sacred neigh and riding her but I was isolating and sick and lonely n paranoid n delusional this time period too so I had those moments riding my neigh and just being with her too but rest of the time was not so good despite living in beautiful qld back then.

Some of my best times were with Anders but some of my worst times was around that time too because I was hearing voices 24/7 and was in agony and delusional and was a bad friend and girlfriend.he is incredibly thoughtful and caring and funny and kind.

Some of my best moments were with my child hood friend ju### .
She was my best friend too.
I was a bad friend to her too.

Some of my other best times were with friends I had and family too.

When my mum visited for three months it was great because I had isolated and was so lonely and we even laughed together and she showed me how to make slippers and told me to jay walk n took me to dance lessons etc
My mum and I can fight easily and she can get furious but we did not fight as much as usual which was great.we became vegan together.she is still vegan n I’m just a wanna be.

Moments with my family

Things like holding my stepmoms hand and cuddling family and holding baby in arms .

Great sex :two_hearts: making but I have difficulties with sex because my voices were for a long time years sex torment Moanes etc n I was binge drink sl## when I was younger so I’ve not had that many great sex moments.
Most were not so good.

Cuddling and loving

My dog I had was a love of my life and I have not even mourned her.
I loved cuddling her and etc but I was hearing voices when I had her so I used to scream at the voices all day and my poor neighbours …

Being with loved ones

Being in nature

Swimming in Swedish lake with Anders

Being with my bf n his dogs is also some of the best moments of my life.

Such as today I had a dip in our little plastic pool n it was over 42c in the shade.

Nature,loved ones,laughing etc

I do not laugh often and my bf n I do not have same humour.

There was another guy who also was so funny but I have not felt him for ages and miss him hope we are still friends.
Hope he is well.
I miss him.
He was so close to me.

I miss my loved ones females and males

I have a loving peaceful home now with bf and his dogs and my neigh agisted not far from us.
I still have difficulties and avoid dinners but I seem happier than I was when I lived by the beach and now it’s like a hours drive to a beach and it isn’t a good beach like where I used to live but I was lonely there and isolated when I wasn’t with my sacred neigh and I thought those at dance class were attacking me and I couldn’t socialise baaaaa

Ive always wondered how old you are @SacredNeigh7

Please do tell me !!!

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I felt hopeless which is a difficult feeling but I was around ten then …not sure the age.

I am 40 years old .:slightly_smiling_face:

How about you?

2005-2006 were the worst years for me. My brother committed suicide and my wife left in approximately a one year span. Those were the hardest things i’ve ever had to deal with.

Hard to say what was my best year. If i just go by how happy i was, i’d say 1998 was probably it. I was young and in love with the girl i would marry a couple years later. I first moved out of my parents house and experienced independent living. I was still skateboarding and doing a lot of things i loved. It was a pretty good year, even though i was already dealing with mental illness at that point.

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Im 30.

Ive always liked the way you’ve written posts on this forum :slight_smile:

Very cool :sunglasses:

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Lol thank you wallafish

I have my moments :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Can blabber n rant a bit too much sometimes.:open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:


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Best: 1982-1989. 0-7 y/o. I was a healthy, happy kid with very little negative experiences. Unblemished, almost unharmed, carefree. Friends, school & family seemed safe.


Dont feel like elaborating on the bad stuff.

Oh…I forgot the one year rule!

Best - 1989
Worst - either 2014 or 1990, cant choose

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2009 was my most pivotal year. It was good. But soon after in 2010 it couldn’t be any worse… 2014 was pretty freaking awful.

Every new year seems to be the best year.

According to numerology 2009 was supposed to be pivotal and 2020 will be my next real pivotal year. Well see.

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1988 when i had visions of ww3. But i am thinking these days if it would been from god i could have coped drug and medication free. When it is from god, what i believed, when i was religious, it is easy.
Like quitting cigarettes.

best year was 2003 (running races, working two jobs, no addictions,very few symptoms, bought a house)

worst year was 2004,( two different psychotic breaks, lost my jobs, the beginning of head pain.)

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