What was it like 50 pluss years ago

less stuff and more things to do. that’s what…allway tell my grand kids.


I wasn’t born…

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I dare you to post a picture of the 60’s of you!

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50 years ago, I was 8 years old and living in Germany. The Vietnam war was on and hippies were marching in the streets. There was Woodstock. My present piano teacher said that he attended the first Woodstock. He said it was quite the experience. He said he went with his mother. Can you imagine? Going to a rock concert with your mother? I only knew about the music of Woodstock from a Woodstock album I listened to as a young teenager. I thought it was mind blowing.


The late 60s were before the present age of globalization and rampant consumerism but it was also a time that was more prejudiced and less tolerant and accepting. Socially we have progressed. Economically we are deeper in debt. Environmentally we are screwed up big time.


3 tv channels no remote, record players, corded phones in house, no shopping on Sundays, black lights with glowing posters. I was 8 then.

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Yup. Much simpler times… I was 14 in ‘68.

Yeah but infancy of antipsychotics so some people still lived in the mental wards. Modern atypicals really made a big difference for most folk. There’s still those who don’t do so well!

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Yes that’s true @rogueone … my dad who i inherited late onset schizophrenia from only had electro convulsive therapy as an option which turned him into a zombie .

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