What type of steak is your favorite

what type of steak is your favorite

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Whatever steak Chipotle puts in their burritos.

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Rib-Eye steak, rare, sauteed mushrooms and onions.

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Well if I feel like blowing away some money on steak a filet, medium rare, with green beans and mash potatoes. But for not super expensive steaks probably t bone or rib eye. I love steak though I could live off it. Lamb is also extremely tasty. I’ve always wanted to raise my own beef cow one time and then eat it that would be very tasty.

i just had sirlion :meat_on_bone:

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chateau brignon…medium, can’t beat it.

New York Strip steak I like the best.

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T-bone with horse radish cream and a Corona with lime + hot chips on the side and a little bit of lettuce and ranch dipping sauce for the chips. :slight_smile:

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Ny strip…on rare with mushrooms.

tofu steak… :blush:
take care :alien:

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Filet mignon.

15 char.

I like a nice cut of London Broil. Tri-Tip is good too.

I like sirloin but as a treat, fillet steak, medium to well done = heaven

Cube steak well done

Medium rare with mushroom sauce. Yum! I always get this meal at the pub

Steak is my favorite steak.

All steaks, i want all of them and enjoy them all.

You can come to Iowa and have some beef, and a room, and a nice chat. Whad’ya say?

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Meaning you @pansdisease.


to freaky.

the offer stands. No punches, no prizes, no b.s.