What type of schizophrenia are you?

I am paranoid type, with Adhd. I think thats why we act different.

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paranoid schizophrenic.

(heads up: some people here aren’t specifically schizophrenic but they do have a related MI.)

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I am a multiplexer.

I notice stuff like that good to know! You notice stuff like that too!

So with multiplexers do you go thru phases like bipolar bears do if so how do you notice the change in phases of sz how long do you stay in each phase? What triggers the different types? Im interested!

I have SzA but if I had Sz I would be paranoid type. STOP WATCHING ME

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paranoid schizo-affective.


that’s legit serious though. that’s one of the reasons why I don’t go outside much.

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Me either my baby daddies ex is obsessed with me. Im gonna take a break and write some of her behaviors so i can learn how to control her i do not want to think about her but thats her game i need to know who is stalking us! Ttyl.

Mine’s a good mix. There’s a lot of disorganization though. It might lean a little more there.

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The schizo torture was very intense. Attacked when in a specific frame of mind leads to escaping in a specific mental state or place. Attacked when in another specific frame of mind leads to escaping in another specific mental state or place. Staying in these specific places for long recovery time periods, leads to there being a specific “SELF” developing in each location.

What freaks you out is that each of these specific “SELVES”, are not in agreement with each other.

So it is pretty tough to pull ones self back together as being one again.

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Technically Schizo-affective. But like @Sooner88 I would be paranoid. I always feel people are looking at me, laughing at me, reading my thoughts, judging me, making fun of me.


Originally disorganized, but I’ve drifted towards paranoid. Currently self-diagnosing as awesome, because, well, I am.



Paranoid sz …

Disorganized Sz

Why do you want to know? Who are you ? Have you been hacking my computer? I’m sure all this is going on a FBI data base. I’m not going to tell you but I’ll give you one guess… And I get depression with it to.:slight_smile:


Maybe I am misunderstanding this but this sounds like DID.

Yes, it sounds like it, but it is not.

DID deals with at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities, rather than just the one identity being partially torn apart.

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Paranoid sz…

SzA. With a hint of depression, anxiety, and AN.
So fun :disappointed: