What TV shows do you watch?

What are your favorite TV shows?

I like Walking Dead, Siren, Last Man on Earth, Rick and Morty, Crime Watch Daily (though I shouldn’t watch it because it can be a trigger for me), Impractical Jokers, Superstore, iZombie, and The Gifted. What about you?


Impracticle jokers on you tube… i am not from U.S…!!!


They are great. My husband and I saw them in concert about a year ago, and it was hilarious. I would never be brave enough to do the stuff they do.

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The walking dead, fear the walking dead, the 100. Dr k exotic animal er. Dr Jeff Rocky mountain vet. The zoo. Roseanne, forged in fire. Tanked. There are more shows but I can’t think of them

Oooh! We record Dr. Jeff and Roseanne too. I forgot about them. I am way behind on Dr. Jeff though. I can’t watch it in the living room with my kids because the surgeries freak them out.

I like things like Ncis and Law and order SVU. I’m currently working my way through Elementary episodes.

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Whale wars , deadliest catch , Big Bang theory

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I can only watch the news. I already know what will happen on others shows.

At the moment i watch The terror and american crime story.
both are very nice.

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If you get or ever get Nat Geo wild channel Dr k is awesome! She and her staff work on all kinds of exotic animals. I like the happy endings but they really fight to save animal’s lives.

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I really don’t watch tv, except for the occasional sports event or night movie.

But on the internet I sometimes watch anime series, music videoclips and stand-up comedy shows.

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Working on Preacher season two. Just finished Ghost Wars (meh!). Been saving Dirk Gently second season for a special binge watching occasion.

Preacher is a good one!

I watch Parks and Rec, That 70s Show, and the Office right now. They are all on TV during the day

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I don’t watch T.V. at all although like an idiot, I pay for cable. Like $8 a month. I keep telling myself I am going to watch the Spanish channels. But, I never have the time.

at the moment, I’m re-watching ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Seinfeld’.

I like two kinds of tv-shows: funny ones, and the ones that make you think.

My friend I spend a lot of time with, watches a lot of reality shows. It varies between Paradise Hotel and those cop shows. I guess I find them interesting too, but I don’t pursue them when given a choice.

I don’t watch much tv but my parents watch the middle, mom, and reruns of everybody loves Raymond… so I catch some of those when I’m around them.

on my laptop I like to stream the baseball game. Cincinnati reds 8-24 this season. :unamused: that’s my nightly routine.

i usually watch movies but have seen a few episodes of black mirror lately. i’d like to find a few more series i like there are so many channels. maybe i’ll get some ideas in this thread. i haven’t seen the new rozanne wonder how that is?

The office, uk and us versions, corner gas, south park, king of the hill, futurama, the simpsons, peep show, that mitchell and webb look, trailer park boys.

Any really bad reality show. I can’t get enough of it. I love drama so all the survivor’s and just about anything. There are show’s I won’t touch but I’m pretty game for most. Putting young people in a house and giving them alcohol is pretty much a classic viewing experience.

It’s my weakness. Bad reality tv!

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