What to do?

What to do? do you know what to do?

I don’t!!!

I’m doing laundry right now, then I’m going to gather up the trash and take it to the dumpster. Then I need to clean up the kitchen.


man :frowning: its not been the best day today :frowning:


What’s something good that did happen?

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Can’t go wrong with a cuppa and good book mate.

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only good thing i did today was chatting to my pal on the phone
but i’ve had a darkness over me all day :frowning:

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Hope your day improves.



its just past midnight now lol,

i have a great book full of inspiring short stories of people who have overcome Mental Illness and went on to be famous in some way but i only managed a couple of chapters and that was summer last year, hoping to finish it one day

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5:20 pm here. Just waiting for the rice cooker to go off so I can have supper.

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I only had a tin of spaghetti for dinner :frowning: its very little, i am a terrible cook and i have gone off of most things in the supermarket, i find it hard to know what to eat these days

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