What to Do If Mental Illness Runs in Your Family, Like Bruce Springsteen's

Springsteen, 69, told Esquire that his father was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia as an adult, and that he personally had what Esquire calls a “breakdown” at age 32 and again in his 60s, which included symptoms of “agitated depression.”


Schizophrenia will remains forever as a whole phenomenon" united" ,a group of community symptoms and does not exists partially

Flakiness or dismantling the whole schizophrenia condition into teeny parts (symptoms),and studying each part as an independent symptom in isolation condition about the whole schizophrenia, will make the explanation and understanding processes out of question for the individual symptom !
because there is single functional cause for all symptoms regardless the mode of symptoms classification or diagnosis by Dr.

Mental illness and addiction definitely run in my family.

Mental illness definitely runs in my family. My grandpa had severe depression. My grandmother had sza. My father had sza. My son had paranoid sz and committed suicide. I have sza. My sister has psychotic depression. My brother had OCD and neurotic depression. My niece has bipolar and addictions. My great niece has sza.

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My favourite mental illness joke…

Doctor: "Do any of your other family members suffer from mental illness?

Patient: “No. They all seem to enjoy it.”



Mental illness runs in my family.
Lots of anxiety and depressive disorders.

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I always suffered from my MI.

I don’t even know if mental illness runs in my family. There are a lot of questions and not so many answers.

I had a distant cousin who was bipolar. He ended up committing suicide. My aunt on my moms side is bipolar and also is scared of feathers. My other aunt on my moms side is claustrophobic

I’ve read that siblings of schizophrenics tend to be highly creative, or work in creative fields.

My brothers are musicians…one also a graphic designer…oldest sister a poet…younger sister Masters in Social Work. It certainly rings true for my family anyways.

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Sz on my dads side and bp on my mums

that’s very sad @SkinnyMe… id didn’t know you’ve had so much sadness…life can be very tough…I hope you get over your loss

What to do if mental illness runs in your family?
At first,if you are a person with schizophrenia,you should know the actual nature of the strange health condition which has been emanated suddenly within your inner nature in the first third decade of life And running independently inside your human nature beside your self, your thoughts, your sensual perceptions outputs, your feelings, your imagination and your retrospected memories,And interacting with all these elements and causing all aspects of changes and disorders in their content

If you have the suitable expression tools to describe these phenomena,processes and events ,you will have the ability to diagnosis the sz in your family members
Therefore the suitable question;
How can you know if Schizophrenia runs in your family members or otherness?
-Notice the sudden changes in the sayings and ritual of daily life behavior

There is no bequeathing or infection related schizophrenia ,even if all family members have schizophrenia (or members of the whole society/world) ,because the cause of sz can not repeats it self in 2 human beings along lifetime ,it remains single copy all life time ( Eternal),no reproduction numerically,the cause has living his life in single person to the end life time,whereas no bequeathing/infection for another person(s) at all), so that the cause is not genetic nor germ or acquired by self experience or by bad effect of environmental factors