What time do you take your meds? What meds?

I take 80 Geodon and 300xl Wellbutrin in the morning when I wake up between 6 and 7.

I take 80 Geodon, 40 Latuda and 1000 fish oil with a multi vitamin after dinner about 630ish.

And then I take 3 Lunesta, .25 Xanax (if I haven’t taken one prn for the day) and 50 Benedryl before bed at about 900 to 930.

Pregabalin and quetiapine 8am
Pregabalin, quetiapine and fluoxetine 8pm

I hope to switch from depot to oral so will be depixol morning and night too.

30 mg Buspirone, 200 mg Lamotrigine, and 12.5 mg Saphris in the morning
30 mg Buspirone, 300 mg Lithium, 12.5 mg Saphris, and 200 mg Lamotrigine at night
5 mg Diazepam as needed and 200 mg of Trazodone to sleep

I take 2mgs of Cogentin and 12mgs of Invega daily. I take one dose(1mg) of Cogentin in the morning and another dose at night. I take my Invega every twenty four hours. Right now I’m taking it at 4pm cause I know I will be awake and available to take it then.

I take my morning meds whenever I awaken which could be anywhere between 4 am and 12 noon.
I take my evening meds around 6 pm after dinner. And I take my nighttime meds around 9 pm.