What time of day you take your meds

I only take one before bed.

I take Sertraline in the morning, as well as three other meds unrelated to mental health issues, and I take Trazadone and Risperdal and two of the unrelated ones just before bed. Which I should actually do now, because I have to be up in the morning for my therapy session.

Abilify. 10 in the morning, 5 in the evening. Quetapine in the evening.

haldol injection once a month at the local clinic.

xanax 2x a day or as needed

zyprexa at night

seroxat in the morning

I’m only on Seroquel XL right now. Dr recommended taking it before bedtime, as it’s so sedating. So that’s what I’m doing.

I’m on depot injection. I have it as near to 10 when the depot clinic opens as possible.

Seroquel/latuda and xanax combo with breakfast

a seroquel/lauda chaser with a latter dinner.

I take Fanapt, one in the morning before school, one at 6:00 before or after dinner, so twice a day for my antipsychotic and then for melatonin and trazodone is at night for sleep.

I’m on 8 different medications that I take 3 times per day. Not fun

2mg risperdal before bed still makes me tired during day hours.

I’m also on 2mg risperdal, I haven’t noticed any extra tiredness, other than the morning grogginess I get from the trazodone. Then again, the risperdal hasn’t done anything positive for me yet either, I’m still hallucinating and having bizarre thoughts just as much despite the higher dose. Maybe I’m resistant to antipsychotic medications?

Maybe…i have friend who is resistant on antipsychotic meds. Or the pdoc hasn’t found the exact cocktail for him.


There IS such a thing as “treatment-resistant schizophrenia.” In fact, that’s what I have. I’ve failed every 2nd generation antipsychotic medication. So my doctor put me on clozapine, a medication specifically reserved for treatment resistance.

It helped tremendously with both positive and negative symptoms. But there is some unpleasantness that comes along with it: severe fatigue, weight gain, and dangerous reductions in white blood cells. Because of this, you have to get your blood tested every week for a year; then every two weeks for the rest of the time you take it.

I took it for years, and enjoyed great mental health. Better than anything else I’ve ever tried. But I couldn’t manage getting transportation into town so much to get my blood drawn. It was a major issue for me: someone who has trouble leaving the house.

But, if all else has failed you, there’s always clozapine.

Just wanted to let you know about my experience with treatment resistance and clozapine.



haloperidol 5mg during night

Hi radmedtech. My son is on Clozapine. Maybe it is different regulations where you live. He is about to go down to getting his blood work done once a month. Every week for the first 6 months. Every two weeks for the next 6 months. Then after a year once a month. Although he has not gone below the safe level for his white blood cell count. He takes Lithium which to my knowledge helps with this. He doesn’t get his blood work done first thing in the morning as the count can be low until you are up moving around a bit. He takes most of it at night due to sedation. He was put on it as a last resort for being treatment resistant.

Im sorry. Maybe the blood work schedule has changed since I was taking it. I’ve been off of it for almost 4 years now.

Once per month is WAY more manageable!

Does he respond well to clozapine?

Oh dear, clozapine might not be the best option for me, then. I have white cell problems as is, thanks to a protein disorder called IgAN, which damaged my kidneys when I was young. Still, it might be an option, as long as I’m careful.

No apology needed. He started it about a year ago while living with his grandmother and inpatient. I think started at 450 mg. She was able to notice it helping even with chronic marijuana use. At one point, about 4 months ago, he was down to 100 mg of Clozapine and 300 mg of Lithium at night only with no other medications and maintained. Unfortunately he was admitted in September for a break because of increased marijuana use and he went off them completely. Now he is back on 350 mg Clozapine and other medications (Lithium 600 mg, Risperidone 1 mg, Gabapentin 600-800 mg and Trazodone 200 mg). Big doses taken at bedtime. Recovering well and even gaining some insight into the marijuana use causing his sz symptoms. 4 months ago even his pdoc was ok with the 100 mg of Clozapine. He can maintain on this amount if he abstains. The Trazodone and Gabapentin seem to help him a lot with racing thoughts. A couple of weeks ago we talked about it and he told me that he used to be afraid of having his mind go silent but now that it has happened he finds it peaceful. I can’t say which medication is making the biggest difference but currently the combination that he is on is working very well. He has always had underlying symptoms of OCD and ADHD. Just yesterday his pdoc commented that the change in him is pretty obvious. He follows and contributes to conversations easily now and with a sense of humor.

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:smiley: I am so very happy for you and your son. What a great feeling to have others see that he’s starting to get a handle on this. This couldn’t have happened without your amazing patience, kindness and knowledge. I know that everyone in your house is working their butts off to beat this. I hope you have more of these better days.