What the @&$! did I do!

I know how you feel sometimes my mother is basically an extension of the doctors will and thinks she has authority over my med taking

I am not even allowed my pills in the flat because they think I will try and OD again

Demeaning I feel for you @Wave

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I know you’re upset, but I also understand your father’s actions. Last time you went off depakote you were convinced he was poisoning you, and started talking about hurting him. I’m sure you were scary to live with then. Reducing is the first step to tapering off entirely, anyways, so you can look at it as a trial run for seeing how you do, with less risk than going cold turkey.


You Don’t Have To Vote @Wave,

You Are A Human Being Like The Rest Of The Population.

Like Radiohead Says, ‘Go Slowly’.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
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Yes thanks @ninjastar

thanks @ATARI

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I’ve decided to taper off Depakote slowly

I’ll see how I do.

Thanks again @everhopeful @ZombieMombie @zeno @Joker @ninjastar @Feather_moon @ATARI @Hadeda and @anon39054230


Be careful @Wave I made myself feel very sick dropping Diazepam too quickly


Sorry to read you are having a difficult time.

Coming off medication can be difficult.

Can she replace it with something that is gentler on the liver?

I also understand your dad being worried about you.

Wishing you well.:two_hearts:

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Thanks @SacredNeigh7
I’ve been all the mood stabilizers

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Nobody should be talking to your doc besides you. I go out and sit in my car when I do a telehealth session.

She might let you try Lamictal, which doesn’t have the liver side effects.

Thanks @trelos
Lamictal makes me too anxious.

What about Trileptal @Wave? It took some getting used to, but I take it with Depakote and it’s helping my rapid cycling and mixed episodes.

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I was on Tegretol for years, it’s very similar to Trileptal.
Both Tegretol and Trileptal interacts with the Risperdal I take.

Thanks @JustTrish

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I take Risperidone too.

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Yeah Tegretol and I’m pretty sure Trileptal decreases the amount of Risperdal in your bloodstream.

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The director at the clinic I am seen at put me on Trileptal 150mg 2x day, and decreased one dose of my risperidone to 4mg to 1 tablet morning, half tablet at 2pm, and 1 tablet bedtime.

I’m going to ask about this during my next pdoc visit. Thanks for sharing your experience as always, Sir @wave.


Good luck @JustTrish

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I was only a few months on APs when I had a CT scan with contrast. It also showed I had a fatty liver. I couldn’t blame the APs.

It could have been my binge drinking for over twenty years and tons of junk food.

Don’t be to hard on yourself and the meds. I have read somewhere that somehow the effects of a fatty liver can be reduced.

My dietitian said I have a lot of fat around my organs, including my heart. That’s not good news. Fortunately I’ve lost 23 kilogram in the past 4 and a half years. Currently I’m losing about 3 kilo’s a month.


But I also might have a liver lesion.
This concerns me more.

Thanks @Fellowman

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