What tea should you drink when you have a sore throat?

I have a problem that trouble me a long. I have a hoarse cough, and I even cant speak for a long time. I will be grateful if there is a kind of tea can help me solve this condition.
Thanks in advance.

I drink peppermint or spearmint teas when my throat bothers me

Any kind of tea can help.
Black will do.

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I thought it was the honey that helped.

Right, I forgot that peppermint is good to relieve my sympotoms.
I remember that they are the main element of the gum, I haven’t tried to brew them.
But I think the taste of them is similar to the gum,right?

I afraid that some tea is sweet taste just like the oolong, and it will cause my cough?

any tea with honey and lemon


I never tried it before, and I know it’s good for our body to recovery.
Maybe it will work well for me.

Honey, lemon and ginger tea I would go for.


Yeah, Thanks a lot.

Have you been seen by a Dr. for this?
It could be something best taken care of early.

I have bought some medicine for my throat at chemist’s shop, but it’s just a temporary effect.
I think it’s just a small problem before, Maybe I really need to hospital.

Also take 1g of Vitamin C 4-5 times a day

Is vitamin work well for sore throat?

Works for all normal illnesses

Just like hot water is good for everyone.

Oh reminds me you can gargle with salt water too. The vitamin c that dissolves in a glass of water is my fav, helps you get enough fluids too

Try boiled milk,

Boiled water will work well, but the milk is thick and will it stick in my throat?
I afraid…

Good ideas. Salt water display the role of inflammation.