What still makes you happy?

I like smiles, genuine love based smiles, the kind you see on kids and also friends if I can find any lol

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my partner, my bearded dragon, baseball, my partner’s little sister and nieces and nephews. I love kids I just can’t handle them all the time. I forgot music and when I can focus reading

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Food makes me happy and snuggling in bed with my partner

Search and Rescues, cause they’re real fun. And the wonderful symphonies of Disturbed.

Food yes, my familys happiness. Getting the sleep my body needs. doing my hobbies. accepting not bieng the norm work marriage kids( was hard but as life goes on I see it is possible)

my freedom triggers happiness sometimes


Cars bodybuilding family and maybe smoking weed not sure on the weed though and I haven’t been able to bodybuilding for years can’t afford cars no more since I can’t work my dad’s getting old and I want him in my life for ever

cuddling my hubby or getting a back scratch from him, drinking coffee, reading books, visiting the library or flea market or beach, visiting my parents

Nothing. I have anhedonia. I find no pleasure. I try hard to find happiness. I do things I know I used to like. I play world of warcraft again. I’m lvl 97 hunter (no boost). But it feels meaningless if I don’t put up goals to reach, like doing 25 quests in one day or level up my pets.

I use A LOT of snus. Nicotine increases dopamine, right?