What social media do ya use?

Facebook and Instagram.
KIK and hangouts.

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Facebook. It’s good for keeping in touch with other people. Others suggest I get onto instagram but I’ve no idea about other platforms.

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This forum and Whatsapp

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Facebook for me too. I am there in case I would start to go out again, cause I have a few people there…

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Discord, Facebook and Twitter .

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Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My daughter wanted me to try Discord, couldn’t stand it.

I have FB, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Tumbler, Discord and accounts. But, I only use

I use Facebook, but I only have family and work colleagues who added me.

I have Twitter, but I don’t post anything. I just like scrolling through seeing peoples views on things.

I am on Discord, but don’t use it much.

WhatsApp is my go to text and to send pictures

I’m an honorary member of Ninkempoops dot com.

If you sign up and tell them Monte sent you, you get a free fake turd in the mail!!

:poop: :crazy_face:

In all seriousness, I don’t use any social media, unless if this site is considered social media.


I’m here and on instagram.

I have facebook but haven’t logged in in a couple years.

Mostly, I stay here and am only on instagram to stay in touch with some family and friends.

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I use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A voice told me that I am also on but I hope not. :joy:


This site, messenger, and discord. A few virtual pet sites, too, if they count.

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I’ll just say my first social media experience was with MySpace. Haha. Boring.

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I hv instagram and twitter…

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