Social media- What do you use?

I’ve only used Facebook and YouTube. I heard of Instagram and tic tock and Twitter but never got into them. It seems like too much reading to me, lol. Everyone is trying to get famous. Within five years I hope to make a YouTube video. I’m not a good enough musician yet.

I have 5000 “friends” on Facebook,
1200 followers on Twitter,
400 on Instagram.

Sometimes i visit these
just to see news.
I rarely participate.

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Facebook and Twitter.Facebook doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of trolls that Twitter has. On both I’m open about my mental health/illness.

I really dont use any social media. I dont like my personal details being known.

tumblr, twitter, 3 forums, and reddit

Woe-that’s one heck of a lot. You must be a lot better at socialising than I am. When it comes to friends/followers I’ll very rarely make the 1st move. The fear of rejection is too strong.

I rarely talk to anybody.
I’m too bored of people.
But they’re good as audience
when i make my revolutionary sermons.

It’s strange but in my home page,
there appear only the same 50 users.
The rest 4950 are untraceable

Besides this I have FecesBook and that’s it. I have like 4 billion friends, but maybe 50 who I actually know who they are. I haven’t actually gone on FB for months due to apathy. I don’t really care what you had for lunch, for instance.

I only have Instagram and this forum.

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