What should I have for lunch?

I have this problem in one way or another every day. The closest I have come is plain whole yogurt and frozen blueberries, but that doesn’t make me happy. Any ideas for a default lunch? I tend to stay away from deli meats because its expensive and not healthy.

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Canned tuna is inexpensive. Maybe a tuna salad sandwich? Maybe create a poll.

I do like canned tuna. I don’t really like polls.

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Mc Donalds is tasty

Fast food in general is tasty but hopefully not a default for me.

Tuna salad sandwich
Egg salad sandwich
Ramen cup of soup
Banana and vanilla yogurt
Frozen burrito
Grilled cheese and canned soup
Fruit salad- several fruits chopped and mixed with Cool whip or other cream.

There’s 7 days of ideas.


Boom! Mombie skills coming out with those meal plans.


I know what you mean

I should improve my choice of meals

on a daily bases

That’s a lot of ideas, thanks for that, I will keep that in mind. The challenge is to come up with something I can eat every day. I guess I should have been explicit. I am wierd, I pretty much eat a small piece of beef, a potato, and some frozen vegetables (sometimes fresh greens) every time I make dinner. Some times I eat other stuff but when I cook that’s pretty much what I do. It’s pretty healthy and cheap. That is kinda what I am looking for, although maybe I should be moving in the other direction and be more motivated to come up with meal ideas and variety.

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You should have some variety. You need a variety of foods to get the nutritional value your body needs.


I think your right, but its all I can do to cook, without thinking about what to cook.

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Have you ever had a boiled egg & butter sandwich? My mom used to make them.

You just boil your eggs then smash them in butter. Add a little salt then spread them on toast. Talk about delicious :drooling_face:

No, never had one. My grandma always made regular egg salad.

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So, any other suggestions?

Fixed it for you.

I would have to disagree, as long as you don’t look at the burgers while you are eating them they are good. Just not very healthy and I think they make one angry.

I eat practically no processed food these days. Pretty much anything from McD’s tastes like a toxic chemical spill to me now.

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