What questions

My therapist let me borrow a book to read to help me better facilitate my women’s group. It has a whole bunch of exercises and questions that get conversations going. I thought we could do a few of them here. So randomly opening a page:

  1. What was the nicest thing ever said about you?

  2. What was the worst thing ever said about you?

  3. What is the nicest thing you say about yourself?

  4. What is the worst thing you say about yourself?

A couple months ago I was called the super-volunteer when I helped out at the health expo, it made me feel great. In high school a girl asked if I had been in a fire because my acne was so bad. I’m not good with positive self-talk, so the nicest thing I say about myself is that my pets love me and I take care of them well. The worst thing I tell myself is that I"m stupid and worthless. I try to stop and say no I’m not stupid, then I have an internal argument and end up listing all the reasons why I am.


Does voices count as other ppl or what I tell myself?

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Ok by me…

  1. I look in the mirror now… and tell myself… I am NOT the person I was before. I’ve grown-up and become kinder, more patient and more at peace.

  2. The worst thing? I don’t feel comfortable using that sort of language on a public forum… rated XXX for horrid profanity.

Worst thing said about me? I was lazy… controlling… manipulating and using my illness to manipulate and guilt trip my kid sister.

nicest thing said about me… I over heard my Mom telling a friend how proud she was of me…


1 My sisters boyfriend told me I had integrity.
2 Too dehumanizing and humiliating to say. Some friends have told me I’m nothing.
3 I made this a title of a post a couple months ago. I told myself I was pretty cool for a guy who wears glasses.
4 I’m ugly, I’m nothing, I’m an animal. You asked.


First impressions are often false/
Just my name spoken in a reprimanding way when I’d just been cruel -

I’m an interesting person
I’m crud scraped off of a boot sole - and licked


Nice questions Skims…

What was the nicest thing ever said about you?
You are marvellous.
What was the worst thing ever said about you?
I haven’t gotten yet. hold on! I have one actually…It cannot be worst but it hurt me…“By helping others, I am making them lazy…”. I avoid judgemental people by the way… :slight_smile:
What is the nicest thing you say about yourself?
Often selfless.
What is the worst thing you say about yourself?
You are too innocent.

  1. “Thankyou. I’ve never heard anyone talk like that”, after telling my brother how sorry I was for being distant
  2. Something a very delusional and pain-ridden person told me, which I will not share because of their condition.
  3. I’m open and honest.
  4. I don’t know that I want life. I dream of fields of green with close family, then wake to spend time thinking through my own issues. I feel guilty because of this, which was my first delusion, so I won’t entertain it much. Instead I spend time trying to prevent more delusional thoughts, but at the end of the day, I really do not know what I want, and I feel like crap because of this.

you have a nice family/mother…i am really happy for you, that is a nice thing to over hear your mother say.
take care

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hey 77nick77 that last part got to me , you are an upstanding guy and a successful good bloke…you study…have an apartment…have a job…your kind…and you do all this being sz…that is an amazing feat.
good on you.
take care


Well thanks darksith. That’s kind of you to say that.

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I remember something we did in perhaps one of the rehab programs I was in… Mostly I remember the end result not so much where it was done.

Everyone had a flower and everyone else in the group had to write one good thing on a petal of that person’s flower. Over the years I lost that flower :frowning: but I kept it for a long time and even now will never forget it. We don’t always see the good qualities in ourselves that other’s see.