What people with schizophrenia are good at

Saying which one(s) would identify me.

No it wouldn’t. Few people know of the various winners. Have you sold recordings?

I used to be that way too many years ago.

I am into the arts but I don’t take part I feel like an observer

I’m getting better at piano all the time. My teacher told me he was “hearing some good things” in our lesson today.


They are solid studies out there backing that assertion. But you’ll get your mojo back

I’m an English major who is also a soprano. I was in choirs for 6+ years of my life since high school. So I think it’s possible. :slight_smile:

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I’m having a hard time thinking about something I’m good at.

Hmm… What were you good at before you got sick? Maybe you can pick one of those things up again, even though you’ll likely be a little rusty.

I was fairly good at playing guitar and proficient at singing. I rarely play guitar now so as not to disturb other tenants. I can’t sing very well anymore after having smoked cigarettes for years. I’m out of practice at the guitar and I’ve forgotten so many songs. At one point I knew well over 100 songs. I’m mediocre at video games now too.

If I played guitar every day like before I’m sure I’d be better at it. Thanks for the input. It doesn’t make me feel bad that I’m not good at many things anymore. I just wish I could still hit high note while singing hahah.


meh, its kinda like asking what people who are in a wheel chair are good at. you cant really generalize based on an illness. Each person is an individual masterpiece and unique


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