What people with schizophrenia are good at

i am sorry, did i come in to a pity post. i did know people with illness mean to be so bad…we are good for something.

I personally am creative. I like to work on different projects and keep myself busy.
I have found that with me being forced to shut the voices out, when i have a good day and don’t have voices stressing me, i can really focus. Being able to hyper focus will be a good trait for me once i start working again.

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I’m good at job interviews. If I apply for a job and get as far as an interview I usually get the job. But not always. It’s a little talent that has always helped me.

But creative:? Not so much.


I’m good at a lot. I’m even good at being not so $$$$ schizophrenic any more. :blush:

That’s good interviews can be tough.

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I have never been particularly good at art, but i have always had a bit of a knack for science and language.

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im not sure what im good at…but I think you guys are right bout the “creative” part. Hopefully we can use our imagination, regardless creative or not…for the better of things.

Schizotypals are good in arts. Schizophrenics are bad at everything, I believe. Maybe they’re good in poetic hallucinations. While being schizotypal, as I was all my life, I was very good in arts. Now I am bad at everything. Cognitive symptoms destroy my imagination. But still I get poetic voices


that’s interesting, I think im in the same category…though I don’t hallucinate much.

If she’s as hot as the picture of her he once showed me I’d understand why he’d put up with that.

I’ve written a lot of poetry but published very little of it.

Taking money of the Bookies!

Have you tried Duolingo taught myself fluent French from it now learning Italian and German love it !

how long did it take you to become fluent?

My friend Jason and I believe you don’t become good til after your first hard fall.


10 months or so

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Yeah i have actually. I have Duolingo and that’s where i’m learning French. I love it too!

i have a record label deal producing music as a volunteer and i like to draw art sometimes, i also have college education in computer science. but not good at math however i did like math in school

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What competitions were they, @ZmaGal ?

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@DrZen, I like your notice of us breaking down barriers - and we do get hurt in the process. sz might be the result.