What makes you feel good?


i like listening to my favourite music and going for lunch at my favourite place

i think this is a very hard question esp for people with mental illness bc nothing ever use to make me feel good when i had blunt effect on my old med :frowning:


I think I have that blunted affect you had too at the moment. So not much, but I do still love listening to great music.


My girlfriend linked me a picture she found on the Internet yesterday. I loved it so much that I made it my desktop wallpaper. Every single time I look at it I smile.


Eating out. Listening to great music. Watching a good documentary on Youtube. Reading a good story. Writing a good poem.


When I was trying to break out of my wax build-up the only thing that felt good was floating. I would go to the pool sometimes and just float, or sit at the bottom of the pool. That was all I liked.

Now there are a lot more things that make me happy…

There are a lot of little tiny moments that make me very happy… like sitting here, with a good cup of coffee, watching the sun start to rise and listening to seals bark out in the water… before the beach gets busy.


Open windows with a cool breeze -


Being with Jason makes me feel good. I love sitting by the water with him as he has his arm around me. Spending time with him is the best part of my week. :sunny:


Listening to some good music while I’m taking a walk around the neighborhood. My dog, Jackson, sitting next to me while I’m online or watching tv. Having my best friend come over and spend time with me on the weekends.

I try to find joy in simple, small things. And things that are lasting–not a quick sense of pleasure.

I do get excited to be able to afford a nice piece of jewelry, like a cool ring or necklace. But that’s about the extent of my materialism lol.




listening to music whilst cooking, walking on the beach, shopping at the local flea market, getting a back tickle from my husband :smile:


Following the English league is good for me…Its going to be an interesting season with Liverpool etc, who’s gonna win…hopefully we’ll see the end of MUFC. Van Gaal is not a definite success.

Other than that I hope my team, Ireland do well in the qualifiers for the Euro’s. We have Germany, Poland and Scotland in our group, but in truth Im worried about Scotland because I know they’ll be up for the match a bit too much because we robbed two of their top players (granny rule) Mc Geady and Mc Carthy.


Doing my hobbies. I wish I could have been good enough to make a small career out of any of my hobbies. I appreciate all the poeple who are making a living at what is a hobby for me.


that is cute.
take care


take care


My mother used to say, " Anything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening…"


Music and books make me feel good!!!


I think that natural beauty in nature makes me feel good, that first cup of morning coffee- music- and my dog makes me laugh and smile at times


helping people makes me feel good, i don’t want to ever think about myself again if i can help it, its all about everybody else from now on, the old, the young, the needy, the good, the worthy, its all about love and strength and forgiveness, making amends and coming back to reality, and lots of other things.


My brother-in-law just came to visit. We went for a splendid nature walk in Natural Falls State Park. Then we ate at a Chinese buffet. I had a great time.


Dining out, going to a movie, listening to music


On Saturdays, in the summer, I wake up early to go play tennis. Standing around outside, its quiet and peaceful with nobody around. The sun has just risen and everything looks soft and new. Its just me, the early birds, the empty cars, and the slumbering houses. That is nice.

Also reading while it is raining is good. I’ve always loved the sound of rain falling against the house. I lost that for a while when I started believing I could control the wind. But since that is gone I enjoy rainy days again.

When I’ve just downloaded some new music and I’m listening to it for the first time, usually while cooking, is something I also really enjoy. I really enjoy finding new songs. Every once in awhile I go to iTunes and randomly search for new music.

Watching a movie with someone is also fun. When I was sixteen, I would wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 with my mom. A bunch of them are on Netflix now and it isn’t quite the same. I think they are only really funny if you are tired.